Disney Pin Trading Event

I had the pleasure of taking part in the Disney Pin Event this year. It went for three days in a section of the World Showcase that is between Canada and England and is behind closed gates. This event cost me $100 to register for but it was something I thought I should give a try. I prepared my pins by purchasing pins on Ebay for the past few months. I registered through the Disney Event Gallery.
On August 27th, I got up early and headed to the Pin Event. I went to the registration line where they gave me a name tag on a lanyard and a T-shirt. The next part of the line I received a box with some special pins that I had to try to get the rest of the set. Part of the set could be found on the “trading boards”. You go from board to board and have one minute to trade 2 pins. Whenever I could I went for the pins to the set they started us on. The problem with this is apparently Disney wasn’t thinking too well when they came up with this thought. They had two in the beginner set, then you had to trade for 8 others and purchase mystery boxes with the other ten. There was one pin in the center if you were lucky enough to get it you could finish the set. This is where the problem came in. We had 1276 traders and Disney only had 100 of the finishing pins made. Needless to say anyone got one they were not trading it.
We also received $30 in gift cards so we could either buy more pins or our food for the day. They gave us an “earlybird” pin for those of us that booked before 6/24 and then they gave us a coupon for a special pin at the end of the event.
I traded quite a few pins and even got an Artist Proof from Disneyland for 2010.
I had a table for my pins and some people came by and traded with me for completers to their sets that I had purchased on Ebay.
They also sold statues and pin sets and had the Imagineers and Artists on hand to sign them. We played Trivia Games and every hour names were chosen from the participants to receive special prizes like Artist Proof Sets, Preview Proof Sets and even statues or other Jumbo Pins.
I also learned that next year they are going to do this Event September 9 – 11, 2011 and I will be receiving an email telling me when and what the new gifts will be.
You do need a ticket to get into Epcot each day of the event. Anyone interested in more information about this should go ahead and ask questions I will answer them to the best of my ability.

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