2010 and Planning a New LOWD Trip.

Our annual Ladies Only Weekend Disney (LOWD) trip is in November.  We like to be able to attend the Food and Wine Festival in Epcot.  After our 2009 trip was over the Ladies and I stayed in touch via email and Facebook.  We shared our trip photos with each other and reminisced.  The winter holidays fell quickly upon us and soon and the Walt Disney World trip is put on the back burner.  We are busy with family, gift buying, traveling and celebrating but as soon as the holiday festivities die down LOWD business comes back to life!

Late in January 2010 I began asking the members when in April everyone will be able to gather again.  Making sure to check the calendar and seeing when the Spring holidays are and anyones birthdays.  I try and make our meeting date for early enough in the month so everyone can make the proper arrangements.  There are as little as five or as many as ten members of LOWD at a time.  I ask to see who will be available for the November trip and remind them that April and August are our over-night meetings, aka slumber parties!

Once I hear from all members, get all of the information tallied and a date is set for the all important April Planning Meeting.  Fast forward three months…….

The morning of April 10th I have my husband take our children and spend the night at his parents house.  All LOWD members arrive to the meetings sans children, husbands, significant others.  Unless otherwise noted.

April’s planning meeting is all about planning of our big November trip.  We chose what dates we will go, how long we will stay, what resort we’ll stay at, what parks we’ll go to, where and when we’ll dine and what to serve at our ‘Welcome to WDW’ cocktail party.  Once the cocktail menu is written we figure out who will bring what dish, who will bring the fixings for the LOWD cocktail, what meals we will eat in-room and who will be in charge of preparing them.  There is an awful lot of business to take care during our April meeting.  We try and incorporate fun into the meeting but business has to be taken care of first.

The over-night meetings are generally held at my house (Allison, President and co-Founder of LOWD).  We always prepare a wonderful meal that is usually themed.  April 2010’s theme was “Greece’.   Chicken Souvlaki, fresh tzatziki, Greek salad with toasted pita and lots kalamata olives and spinach rice were on our menu.  Thank goodness we have a private chef as a member!

There was however a member from Georgia who could not make the April meeting so a conference call was made during the meeting.  Karie was able to vote and voice her opinion along with everyone else.  It all worked out, decisions were made, plans were laid, the members were happy and well fed.

After all LOWD business was taken care of and dishes done the Ladies played some games, drank some cocktails and danced.  Our meetings are very simple, inexpensive and very relaxing for the members involved.  All the women except one, are Mothers.  So the ability to have our meetings without the distraction of family is so freeing and we are able to accomplish so much.

Sunday morning came and after a delicious breakfast, many cups of coffee and some tidying up the Ladies headed back home.   Plans for our next meeting in August will soon be drawn up.  We’ll have our LOWD folders printed and stuffed with all of our travel plans to be handed out .  So, good-bye my friends of LOWD.  We will see you in four months for some more fun and frivolity.  Till then.

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