Some Like It Hot

We are annual August Disney travelers.  It is a great time to go to the world!  Traditionally it is the season for free dining, low crowds and value pricing.  These are a few of the many pros of being a late August guest.  The obvious big con is the heat!  Many try to visit the World in August armed only with the standard tip to keep themselves hydrated.  While hydration is a wonderful start, we have the grand advantage of being life-long southerners and have learned many other tips to deal with the relentless southern sun.  We usually keep these time honored tips to ourselves and just look on the northerners in pity … but no more.  The time has come to share our southern secrets to beating the heat.

The biggest tip a southerner has for beating the heat is to stay out of it.  Not all day of course but a good southerner has learned when the hottest time of the day is and avoids planning many outdoor activities during that time of the day.  The hottest time of the day is usually between 3:30 and 5:30.  We tend to make early ADRs and plan to be out of the heat enjoying a leisurely glass of iced tea while everyone else is slogging through the late afternoon sun.    We also know that if for some reason we cannot get out of the late afternoon heat, we should watch and pray for the sweet blessing of a late afternoon rain which generally comes on suddenly, washes all visitors out of the park and leaves the World cooler.  We embrace the rain.  As other travelers huddle into overcrowded queues and gift shops, we run and dance in it rejoicing in our good fortune.

Another tried and true southern heat tip is run and duck.  Any southerner is a pro at spotting air conditioning and running toward it.  We utilize the fastest possible routes between attractions and are out only long enough to snatch the next air conditioned queue.  Many times these fast paths are straight through the stores.  This is a great way to con your significant other into heading into the retail areas of the World too.  “But honey, its soooo hot.  Let’s just cut through here.”  One essential place to run to is Club Cool at Epcot where the true southerner enjoys the lightest and fruitiest of the sodas offered.  The heavier ones set poorly on the stomach on a hot day.  It goes without saying that heavy foods like Tonga Toast are best avoided on a day when the temps will rise into the triple digits.

Other tricks include freezing everything possible and stashing it in your backpack.  Cold cloths and water bottles are amazingly refreshing throughout the day and all those cold bottles feel great in your backpack as they melt throughout the day.  Also train your family and especially your children for the heat.  Go out to your local zoos and parks on really hot days and walk through it together.  Train like this until you can get through a few warm hours as a family without wanting to leave and join the circus.  Always look and take advantage of boat and water rides as well as any fountains that may pop up (especially at Epcot).  Be extra nice to everyone you meet.  Everyone is hot and may be a little testy.  A little kindness goes a long long way.

Other basic heat related information.  Wear only light make up if any at all and blot before you smile for the photopass photographer.  They will more than understand.  Don’t carry anything with you that may melt.  Eat all chocolate and ice cream inside.  Wear light clothes and colors.  Some exceptions may be made of course for Mickey Red.  The most well guarded tip that keeps every southern woman genteel even in the most dire of heat situations is to carry an extra stick of deodorant with you as well as your sunscreen and reapply reapply reapply.

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