Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas – July 10, 2010: At Sea

Day 7, At Sea – July 10, 2010

Room service arrived around 8:15am, which was a lot earlier than expected.  We got up, I had some fruit and Suzanne ate half of her eggs,  and we went back to bed.  Originally I planned on doing ice skating at 10am but I was pretty tired and not feeling very well (scratchy throat and congested—nothing major.)  Finally we woke up around 11am, Suzanne ate her fruit and we went to the theatre tour which began at 12:30pm.

Royal Caribbean did not seem to spare any expense with the theatre on this ship and the technicians mentioned how they would not see anything like it anywhere they went to work and how they loved it.  We were able to get on the platform and go up and down as well as see the backstage area.  Typical to all cruise lines there was a Q&A session, and one of the dancers will be going to be a Rockette in October.  How cool is that?  From cruise line to Radio City Music hall.  The entertainment staff on this ship is very talented and its always nice to hear how someone’s hard work pays off.

After the tour we had to rush to the other end of the ship to queue up for ice skating.  I have not been on skates since about 1984, and Suzanne had only roller skated.  I had pretty low expectations too because of the skates themselves, which have a hard plastic boot and can best be described as a ski boot (inflexible) with hockey skate blades; these are not figure skates.  We signed in and made it to the ice and indeed those boots were not very comfortable.  After a couple of spins around the ice I got my balance but the blades were dull and no toepick so I was pretty conservative (no crossovers).  Suzanne did really well and left the wall pretty quickly.  I’d bet she would have done pretty well on actual figure skates.  They limit the session to 50 people and it filled out quickly, and after 20 minutes or so we were done with skating.  There was a champagne cocktail tasting going on at 3pm and I sent Suzanne to find her friends and I went to Vintages wine bar.

Unfortunately the champagne cocktail tasting did not happen as I was the only person who showed up.  I sat in there and talked to the bartender for a while (he is a Sommelier) and had a glass of white zin—didn’t want to step out of my wine safety zone.    Another couple showed up for a wine tasting at 4pm, and I just sat there and waited for them while reading Wine Spectator magazine and munching on the cheese and fruit the Sommelier placed in front of me.  It was interesting listening to other guests talk about wine, of which I know very little, and I guess the biggest thing on this ship was Chateau LaFitte Rothschild and Opus One 2003 (at $285/bottle.).  On cruise ships I go to tastings and enjoy them, but at the end of the day I either like the taste of the wine or I don’t.  I tend to like champagne and sweet wines, although I really do like the menu pairings which the professionals select.

The 4pm wine tasting did not happen, but the other couple showed up and we all picked our own wine flight to try.  They picked reds and I selected the Chardonnay flight.  Normally I do not like Chardonnays but had a really good one at Bistro de Paris in Disney last week.  For your wine connoisseurs out there, I had Patz and Hall, a Silverado and a Chateau St Jean.   Wine done, I went upstairs to the stateroom to get ready for dinner and begin packing.

Suzanne showed up around 5:15pm and we started getting organized for packing.  At issue is whether we do a walk-off on our own, or have the cruise line do baggage handling.  I decided to rent a car rather than use a taxi to my hotel in Miami tomorrow and town car service to the Ft Lauderdale airport and part of the reason was because of the early debarkation from the ship and I was not feeling well.  I didn’t want to show up at my hotel and be told I can’t have a room until 3pm.  So tomorrow I’m heading to the car rental location to pick up my car from Dollar—this is going to be interesting!  With the car I can go to South Beach and show Suzanne the “beautiful people” of Miami, which was the plan of the moment (but if you follow my trips, plans tend to change.)

Dinner tonight was pretty good and most of our table showed up.  I ordered a shrimp and mahi-mahi tempura which actually was hot and pretty good.  For dessert there was a whole wheat apple cake which was interesting, and key lime pie which was quite good.  After dinner we went to the show which was a variety show done by some of the cruise staff and they had a comedian/juggler who was hilarious.

After the show Suzanne went to go swimming with her friends and I got our stuff packed.  I was not feeling well at all, and did not want to deal with sending luggage out, and since Suzanne is not around we will do a walk-off.  Need to go to bed early because we’ll have to be up around 6am to get to the dining room for breakfast if we choose to eat it.  (Yeah right… dining room at 6am?  Will never happen.)

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