LOWD Goes to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park by Allison Palmer-Gleicher

by Allison Palmer-Gleicher
It was so exciting staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Then taking the short bus trip to the Animal Kingdom Park tied our whole vacation theme together. We got a late start that morning but the park was not too crowded. Me (Allison) being the Disney know-it-all planned that once in the park get Fast Passes for Mt. Everest immediately. AK being such a breathtaking and engrossing park it took some encouragement to get the ladies through the park so quickly and all the way to the roller coaster. After some reassurance that we would return to those certain areas, my plan fell into place, Fast Passes for Everest!
Being such a good-looking and vivacious group we were asked by cast members if we wanted to ride again. Some ladies had to excuse themselves because of the fear factor but my partner in crime Melissa and I rode 4 more times! We met up with our group in Asia where we had lunch reservations at Yak and Yeti.

The outside and inside of Yak and Yeti is amazing. The decor and ambiance of this restaurant is done so nicely. I could have wandered around all day just checking all the ‘Disney touches’. I only wish lunch was as delicious as the furnishings. There were six of us that afternoon and we all came to the same conclusion, it tasted like chinese takeout and not good takeout either. I am hoping it was just a bad day for the restaurant because I would like to try it again.

The Kilimanjaro safari and shopping was on our to do list and we did it with panache. Stopping for photo ops, having a beer and many laughs along the way. The it was time to see some tigers. The Maharajah Jungle Trek was exactly what we needed. The cool shaded, super themed trails wound slowly. We admired bats, birds and beautiful tigers. Today seemed like such a relaxing day. Like there was no schedule or agenda for the day but what kids of nonsense is that?! Of course we’re on a schedule! We had dinner reservations at Jiko that night. We need to get back to the room and get pretty! The ladies are going out tonight to the ‘Farewell Dinner’.

I must tell you that Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo House is quite a site to behold. Everything from our entrance to the lobby to checking in at Jiko’s podium was magnificent. Once again because of Disney touches we could have roamed all over the place for hours! Back at the podium our table was ready and we were seated at the perfect table. After getting over the initial sticker shock of the menu we agreed that we were all worth that money. That we were going to order whatever we wanted and we were going to enjoy it. Yes, I guess you might say we gave ourselves permission. Cocktails were ordered, glasses of wine were poured. My partner in crime Melissa and I split the Prince Edward Island Mussels. I think if it were possible we both would have dove straight into the bowl and eaten our way out. They were some of the most delicious mussels I have ever attacked. The Filet Mignon with Mac and cheese was our entree. All six of us that evening all cam to the same conclusion again, that was ‘THE’ most amazing meal any one of us has ever had. I literally can not wait to go back to Jiko again. The food, service and surroundings were top notch.

After dessert we headed back to our villa. Melissa and I snuck down to the hot tubs for an hour or so. Returning to our room and the rest of the ladies we spent the rest of the night being LOWD, ie; laughing, eating, drinking and talking.
Tomorrow we all head home. WAHHHHH!
Allison Palmer-Gleicher

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