July 12 – Back home, and a summary

July 12, 2010

We left the hotel and drove to the airport and I dropped off the car.  Schlepped our luggage in to the terminal and stood in line for SWA,  where we made it to check in within 20 minutes.  Headed to the gate where I could get some internet and food, and we waited to board the plane. 

Was a miserable flight for me because of the ear problem, and I just wanted my eardrums to explode.  Unfortunately they did not, so I just suffered in silence.  Finally we were back home again in Indiana around 5pm, and hubby was waiting for us.  We rushed home and got Suzanne to cheer practice for 6pm.  Wow. 

Now to summarize the entire trip…

I loved my Royal Caribbean cruise and will happily sail them again as long as the dates and prices work out.  The big stateroom really enhanced the trip, and I really got spoiled.  A Junior Suite is just not within my budget on a regular basis, and I lucked out with this one as I booked a balcony and this is what they gave me.    The itinerary was great, and even Jamaica was fine.  I loved Labadee, and would go there in a minute.  Grand Cayman was also really nice and I will definitely book those Stingrays again with Chip.  We also enjoyed Cozumel, except it was so crowded.  Next time we’re there I hope there are fewer ships in port.  If it is cooler then we’ll probably do a ruins tour in Tulum. 

The Liberty of the Seas is a fantastic ship.  if you’re bored on this ship, its your own problem!  Seriously, I have problems sitting still (which is probably why I love this job so much as I do 10 things at once on a regular basis) and there is just so much to do.  Suzanne did the rock climbing wall, but not the Flowrider.  (I did neither of these.)  I never made it to any of the grown-up after hours places as I was a solo adult with a kid, but I don’t think I missed anything.  The weather was great and seas were smooth.  The only issue I had with anything was the food in the main dining room, but again, no one is going to starve on a cruise ship.  It was like being in a banquet every night with banquet food.  Not bad, just not great.  I do like to have “great” food on a cruise, and the only memorable things I had on that ship were the cookies, sweet & sour chicken, room service breakfasts, and Chops Grille.  Its just a challenge to feed that many people (about 2000 per seating) quickly with food at the proper temperature. 

The Liberty of the Seas is a huge ship… almost “too big.”  I have been on many cruise ships and like them a bit smaller.  Around 2000 passengers (like on Disney) is a good amount of people for me.  RCCL has the Oasis which is larger than the Liberty.  I think I’d have to spend two weeks on the Oasis to see everything.

Of course I’m booked on another cruise for March 2011, but next time it will be the Carnival Valor, which I was on as part of a Carnival training in 2008.  I liked the ship, and we ate in the buffet, and I really do like Carnival dining.  Its been a couple of years since my last Carnival cruise, and its time to go back.  We will be heading Western Caribbean again, and I’m happy about it.

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