The Swan and Dolphin Urban Legend

The Swan and Dolphin Urban Legend

They may not be very Disney looking in outward appearance, but the Swan and Dolphin hotels are actually good choices for a resort. The rooms are extremely comfortable with Heavenly beds and many rooms overlook the water and the Boardwalk Resort, with Epcot’s World Showcase a little further away. Both resorts are in walking distance to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and while you can walk to Epcot, we preferred to take the boat.  Discounts are frequently given to members of the military as well as teachers (which is always a plus in my opinion!).

Now I have always heard the story that the resorts should actually be switched; the dolphins were put on what should have been the Swan Resort and the swans were put on what should have been the Dolphin Resort causing the resorts to have to switch names and thus the theme of the buildings was now off. However, I have found some information that says this is not the case. Yesterland has an interview with a former long time Cast Member and Disney historian who has now changed my view even more about the Swan and Dolphin Resort, and it is for the better. Take a minute to read through the interview found at Yesterland and think again about the “drab and ugly” Swan and Dolphin!

Melissa Loflin

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