Road Trips in the Summer

While you maybe do not need a winter survival kit, it still helps to be prepared for a road trip in the summer. Make sure you have a map that shows the counties you will be driving through on your trip, why? Because storm warnings are usually issued by counties and it’s important not to drive right into a storm if you can avoid it. Make sure you have a flashlight with working batteries just in case, as well as some water. Take a few minutes to check your cel phone carrier’s website to make sure you have service, or at least to know where you won’t have service and where not to be making calls.     I mention this only as we took a recent trip to the South Dakota Black Hills, and knowing which roads we were taking ahead of time, neither of us thought to make sure we had a road map in the truck.     This would not have been a problem except when they were flashing warnings on the radio for tornadoes in Steele County,  we both decided that was up near St. Cloud somewhere and not in our path of travel.   That is until we passed the sign on the freeway that said “Welcome to Steele County”.

Interesting sky after the storm

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