North to Alaska

Myself, husband (DH) and daughter (DD)—trip was for her graduation from high school.

June 20—Today started off with the early services at church.  It was our pastor’s last day as she’d been transferred and we wanted to attend to say our farewells.  As soon as church was over we headed toward the airport so we could have lunch prior to our flight.  We had lunch at O’Charleys then headed to the airport.  No problems there and were through security in no time.  The flight left on time for Seattle, where we were changing airlines from Southwest to Alaska Airlines to go to Anchorage.  Sea-Tac is a huge airport!  About 7.5 hours of flying time put us in Anchorage at 9:30pm—and in bright sunlight!  Most of the flight we had clouds, but as we were nearing Anchorage I could see some of the ground, and mountains covered in snow.  What a change!   To see bright sunshine at 9:30pm.  Wow!  It was still light out when I went to bed at 11:30pm, and I think was going to be light until just past that, then dusky for about 2.5 hours, then light again.  Very different than anything I’ve ever seen.

We stayed in a Courtyard by Marriott near the airport, and the room was very nice, very spacious, and had good blackout curtains.  We didn’t even know it was light out—except for the hourly checks I had to do just to see if it was really still light out.

You can see pictures from the trip at:

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