North to Alaska-Ketchikan

June 30—Today is our last port, Ketchikan.  What a pretty town!  OK, I think I’ve loved every town we’ve been to here.  We got off the ship right after breakfast and walked to the bus stop, which was just off the pier.  We had 45 minutes so did some shopping at the Tongass Trading Co.  We had a coupon for $9.99 shipping for everything we bought in any of their 3 stores, so we’d saved most of our souvenir shopping for here.  Great deal plus we don’t have to carry all our Ulu knives around!  We then got on the Blue line city bus and went to the Bight Totem Park, which was great, and free.  For the $1 bus ride, this was a great deal!  This is a state park with several totem poles.  I had taken information so we knew what they all represented.  I have a new appreciation now for totem poles.  There is another park next door (Potlatch) but there didn’t seem to be much more than a gift store.  I’ve heard it’s new so maybe there will be more.  And maybe there is now, but it was pouring down rain so we didn’t want to go outside to see what was in the building out back.  We took the bus back to town and got off at the library, which is at Creek Street.  This used to be the “red light” district and now has a lot of cute stores.  We walked around some then ate at the Fish Pirate Saloon.  They had excellent cod fish and chips as well as great entertainment with a piano player and man walking around talking to everyone then singing a few songs.   We shopped on our way back to the ship (Tongass has 3 stores and you can shop all of them and then have everything combined for the one shipping fee).  One nice thing about this town is that the city bus goes to Walmart ($1 each way) plus Walmart has a free shuttle that goes through town picking up people.  This would be handy as a first stop for people that forgot something.

The ship was due to pull out at 5:30pm, which was a short stay in this town where we could have spent a lot more time.   While we were waiting to leave we watched a bald eagle finding fish over the water just off the dock.  We’ve seen so many bald eagles just like we see black birds at home.  It’s been great to see so many of these majestic birds!

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