North to Alaska-Juneau

June 27—Today we’re in Juneau.  We were to be able to possibly see whales from 4am on today, we DH was up about every hour and only saw some porpoises.  We all got up about 7am and went to breakfast, then off the ship at 9am.  We wanted to get warmer clothing to wear whale watching after being so cold yesterday.  Surprisingly, there was a gift store right off the dock.  Who would have thought!  We bought me a fleece-lined jacket and DH a sweatshirt, then went a couple of blocks to where we were to meet for the whale watching tour.  It turned out that none of this was needed as the day was just perfect.  We booked independently with Harv & Marv (we had Marv).  I would highly recommend them for anyone wanting to go on a whale watching tour!  We had a better than normal trip with seeing about 15 humpback whales, 11 orca whales, hundreds of bald eagles, a lot of seals, krill, porpoises, salmon and many kinds of birds.  We were exceptionally lucky to see as much as we did, especially orcas as he didn’t figure we’d see any.  They were swimming and playing all around are boat.  It was just an amazing experience!

After the whale watching the van driver took us to Mendenhall Glacier, which is 1500 sq. miles, so a big glacier (although I’m not sure it’s as big as Hubbard, but am not sure).  This was beautiful as well.  We spent some time there before he took us back in to town and dropped us off.  We looked around in several shops then went back to the ship for a late lunch at the Seaview Café.  Tonight the show was before dinner.  It was a singer that had won Star Search 13 times, Kenny James.  He has a great voice and we enjoyed the show.  We had dinner then went to bed.

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