North to Alaska-Hubbard Glacier

June 26—Today we were just at sea and were to arrive at Hubbard Glacier at 2pm.  DD and I went to a scrapbooking class, where they gave us a kit that included 4 papers and several things to put on them, plus we bought another kit (which was like 3 kits) to use later.   Our cabin steward told us the best place to view the glacier was from the heliport at the front of the ship, so we went up there when they opened that area about 1:30pm.   It was SO COLD!  We were moving at a pretty good speed, but not fast enough for us because we didn’t get close to the glacier until about 4pm, and since we’d waited this long we weren’t about to lose our spot at the rail to go inside but we were all frozen, even with our hats, gloves and jackets on that helped break the wind just a little.  But, it was so worth it!  We got to see the calving of some pretty good sized chunks which sounded like thunder.  You could really hear the crackling of the ice throughout the glacier.  The whole thing was something else and nothing like I could have imagined.   After the glacier we went to the Seaview Café since we hadn’t had lunch, then brought it back to the room to eat and warm up.  This place has much better food than the Windjammer and is made to order.  This is the hidden gem on this ship!  After dinner was a production show “Piano Man’ that was excellent.  After the show it was time for bed.

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