LOWD Does the Food and Wine Festival

After a champagne toast we made our way to Canada.  We were all a little too excited to stop for Cheddar Cheese Soup and Moosehead beer.  So we moved on to Greece, where I said “We’ll come back, the line is too long”.  Next time don’t listen to me cause we never got the chance to go back.

We did sample the Shrimp Stew from Rio, the Shrimp Ceviche from Chile and Arroz con Pollo from San Juan.  One of the favorite stops was The Mouse Catch, where several types of international cheeses and beverages are served.  I think the Dorothea was a top favorite out of the cheese selections.  The Irish booth was our next stop where we sampled the Lobster and Scallop Fisherman’s Pie and the Warm Chocolate Lava Cake.  Both of those dishes were at the top of the ‘best list’ even at the end of the night.  One of the most crowded stops of the day was in France.  After a 30 minute wait in line and one marriage proposal (we watched a couple get engaged while in line) we sampled the Escargot en Brioche and the Cosmo Slushy.  Top notch French cuisine, one of my personal favorite stops of the day.

We did stop for a group photo with Belle and Beast before we left France.  All seven of us made the picture even when the PhotoPass photographers camera was broken.  (Disclaimer: We did NOT break the camera!)  The next stop was America, home sweet home.  Crab Cakes and Lobster Rolls were enjoyed with Sam Adams drafts and warm pretzels with cheese dip.  In Italy, of course we stopped for pizza and cannelloni but it’s in Germany where we took our long stop of the day.

The quaint shops beckoned to us, the courtyard seemed so serene.  The wine shop in the back has something called wine flights.  You get a small sampling of three different wines and yes your right we all signed up for that.  We left the shops and wandered out the the courtyard where they sell ice cold German beers at a small kiosk.  The seven of us found a small nook off of the German square and people watched, taking a much needed rest.

Even though we had seven more event booths to visit we were driven to the other section of Epcot, Future World.

After screaming our heads off at 75 miles an hour and hang-gliding over California we were headed to our second favorite thing to do, shopping!  Disney Traders near World Showcase and Mouse Gears in Future World put a large dent in our shopping allowance but many happy purchases were made.  We also had everything we bought sent back to our room via Merchandise Delivery, only for Disney property guests.  Lucky us!

After exiting Mouse Gear we could see Illuminations was starting over in the World Showcase Lagoon but the 30’something women of LOWD were all very tired.  We had had a long and fulfilling day.  We headed back to our villa in Kidani Village.

Tomorrow is Animal Kingdom Park.  Everyone get your beauty rest!

by:  Allison Palmer-Gleicher


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