The LOWD Ladies Take WDW, Day #1

November had finally arrived. All our meticulous planning was about to happen, for real.

The ladies and I agreed to meet at the Animal Kingdom Lodge at about 1pm. As we pulled up to the porte cochere of Kidani Village I could see that 3 of us had already arrived. We checked in, ordered an extra day of housekeeping, figured out where we park and how to get to our room. I think the hardest part about the whole process what finding a valet who would take our bags. Every time our room number was given the valet would pretend they were busy. After 15 minutes we found someone to help with the bags. Apparently our room was the farthest room from the lobby. A mile and a half to be exact. Valets were not fond of the hike to that room. Nice, huh? Hope the $20 tip made him feel better….

We get into our room and it was gorgeous. The decorating and ambiance of the resort and rooms is amazing. Disney can really do up a theme. We have a savannah view and we stand out on the balcony for at least an hour admiring all the different animals.

Most of us are Mothers back at home and being organized is in our nature. We all started to unpack. Someone had kitchen duty, to unload boxes, put away food and make some sense of all the stuff that we brought. Someone organized all the adult beverages. Even a first aid station was put together in the 3rd bathroom. We were like a well oiled machine. Once all the unpacking was done we christened the room by opening 4 beers. Allison, Jen, Teri and Melissa enjoyed those beers, had their first toast and headed down stairs to their 2pm lunch reservations at Sanaa. On our way down we ran into another member Karie, on her way in from Georgia.

The lunch venue, Sanaa was a perfect choice. We got to get acclimated with the resort, were able to taste some wonderful food and watch some beautiful animals. Being 5 women, not having any children with us, we ordered a couple of different dishes and shared everything. No one wanted a big honking meal and being the ladies we are, we ate very sensibly.

After lunch we took a tour of the resort and headed back to the room to prepare for the evenings cocktail party. We had no plans to go to a park, no dinner reservations. We’re gonna stay in the room, put our own spread together and have the ‘Hey You Crazy Bitches’ Cocktail party. Cured Italian meats, deviled eggs, chipotle meatballs, fondue and margaritas were some of the delicacies on our menu. Lots of talking, laughing and reminiscing took place. Our 6th member Davinia showed up after 7pm. She made it her duty to catch herself up with the rest of the group, and so the party progressed.

Of course we all behaved ourselves and went to bed early. No really, we did. Tomorrow is Epcot and the Food and Wine Festival! We have to be on our game, lots of eating and drinking to do!

by:  Allison Palmer-Gleicher

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