A Vegetarian at Walt Disney World

I will start out by saying that I am an ovo-lacto vegetarian which means that I do eat eggs and dairy. Those who are vegetarians who don?t eat eggs and dairy may find it a little more difficult to find appropriate food, but it is definitely easier at Walt Disney World than at other vacation areas.

Last year, I was told to email the WDW Special Diets department about my needs, but their response was to make sure that it was noted on my dining reservations. Here is a quote from the response that I received. “All of our restaurants offer at least one vegetarian option and most can be modified to be vegan. Just let your server know upon arrival at each location. They will be happy to assist with your family’s selections.” The attached documents from WDW Special Diets pertained more to food allergies but would also be useful for vegans (no meat, eggs, or dairy) because eggs and whey were listed on several items.

Our experience while at the parks was varied. At many places, the dietary request had not transferred over to the restaurants? computers. I certainly hope that this doesn?t happen to people with food allergies. At most places, we notified the server and things
turned out fine, but like most things, there were minor hiccups. Our most difficult places were O?hana for breakfast and Garden Grill for dinner. These meals are served familystyle, and even though we stated that we were vegetarian, we were still brought dishes
with meat in them. At buffets, we could usually tell if they were good for us or not, but there was usually a chef hanging around the buffet who would answer any questions.

Our best experience was at 1900 Park Fare for dinner. The chef came out to talk to us about the food on the buffet. He thought for a moment and then said that he liked challenges. He turned and left. My husband and I looked at each other in question. Shortly, a plate of vegetarian food showed up at our table. We could have very easily picked from the buffet, but I have to say that we had the best hummus and the best tabbouleh that we have ever tasted!

So, as a vegetarian or vegan at Walt Disney World, be prepared for a special treat!!!

Naomi M.

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