Shark Adventure Dive in Nassau

Shark Adventure Dive

In Nassau I boarded the Stuart’s Cove bus and took a 30-minute drive across the island.  I arrived at the facility where I rented the equipment that I was lacking and got on our boat.  I checked my tanks to make sure they had enough air in them and got all of my stuff out and ready to go.  We headed out of the cove and took about a five-minute boat ride to our diving spot.  Here we already had seen a sea turtle on the water surface.  The seas weren’t very rough while they gave us our briefing.  We got our diving buddies and jumped off the boat into shark-infested waters.  I wasn’t nervous at all and I figured I would be when I saw my first shark in the wild.  If I knew there weren’t supposed to be sharks around, I might have been a little more scared, but it seemed like I had done it before.  The first dive was around 40 minutes and roughly 70 feet below the surface.  We followed the colorful reef and saw lobsters, fish, and of course sharks.  This dive was to show how the sharks act while they freely swim around.  We ascended back up to the boat where we took a little break between the dives and switched tanks.  During this time they gave us another briefing about the feeding dive.  The main thing they told us was to get plenty of weights on because we could not flail around.  If we started to, they told us to go ahead and fall over.  If we waved our hands, the sharks might mistake that for a fish.  I ended up with 20 pounds of weight on me because I was not going to be the sharks next dinner.  We got into the water and headed down to the feeding circle.  There was rocks set up in a circle that each family would be around for pictures.  I kneeled on my knees and kept my arms crossed and hands tucked in as they told me.  There were only a few sharks swimming around until they brought the bait out.  That day we fed them grouper.  The Caribbean Reef Sharks surrounded us.  There were a lot of them and they would brush right against my body.  I was afraid to move to turn around and look to see them coming from behind so I just sat there and was shocked to see a shark by my side.  Some would swim straight for my face and realize I was an object that was not going to move out of their way so they would just go around me.  We were down on the second dive for about 30-35 minutes at around 50-60 feet below the surface.  After being brushed by them for 30 minutes and all the bait was gone they left.  We went into the middle of the circle to dig in the sand for shark’s teeth.  The group went back up to the boat and everyone was all smiles.  Nobody wanted it to be over and we talked about it all the way back to land.  It was a great experience and I can’t wait to do it again.

Kayla Chambers

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