Being 18 on DCL

18 on a Disney Cruise

This was my first Disney Cruise while being 18 years old.  This meant that I could go to Serenity Bay on Castaway Cay and eat at Palo’s.  Mom and Dad always had to stay over at the family beach with me, but this time we spent the entire time at the adult beach.  I did not see a big difference until we left Serenity Bay to go back to the family beach.  I realized how quiet it was.  We got off the ship and went straight to the adult beach and spent all day there. We ate lunch and looked for sand dollars.  It was shallow so it made it fun to walk out into the ocean for a long ways and not get in past my waist.  The water was much clearer at this beach because there weren’t kids running around and stirring up the sand.  I will probably end up at Serenity Bay when I go to Castaway Cay.  The same night I had my second “adult” experience.  The family ate at Palo.  I always used to walk around the outside edge and look in at Mom and Dad eating.  Palo was okay.  The food was good, but I did not think it was any more special than the regular dining room.  I didn’t like the appetizers they brought out, but my entrée was good.  The calamari and chocolate soufflé were very good.  The next day we had brunch at Palo.  I liked it better because I could try something different.  It really wasn’t my favorite experience overall, but if I do it again it won’t hurt.  Being 18 did not seem much different to me.

Kayla Chambers

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