Costa Rica-Path to Pura Vida, ziplining and hot springs

March 29–After a breakfast buffet we all loaded on the bus for our first big adventure—ziplining!  There were a few that didn’t think they wanted anything to do with it but they had the option of doing a nature hike instead.  After about a 45 minutes ride we were at Sky Trek, where we would test our bravery.  We’ve done some ziplining and love it, but wow—these were HIGH!  These lines were 600’ above the rainforest floor, and long.  However, the people made you feel totally at ease and everyone in our group ended up going on the ziplines and had a blast.  I think they were all proud of themselves, as were we!   I must say, I didn’t look down, but I was going so fast (up to 30 mph) that I’m not sure I could have if I wanted to do so.  We had a total of 8 lines, with the first 2 being short learning ziplines.  All too soon we were done and headed back to the hotel for a lunch buffet,  We were one our own for the afternoon.  They had crafts, so I went to that and painted a gourd that the Malekus (local artisans) had drawn pictures of a toucan, volcano, frog or butterfly on for us to paint.  I had an appointment for a mini mud facial that was complimentary with our room, so I went down to the spa to do that, then just wandered around the grounds looking for birds.  That evening we went to Hidalgo Hot Springs.  This is basically a private place (there are some across the street that looked very busy) so there weren’t a ton of people there.   We were told where to start as there were 5 different pools that got hotter as you went along so you were to work your way up to the hottest one, taking a break to cool off in a very cold pool or shower.  What a shock to the system to go from one to the other!

After we’d had an hour or so there we got our clothes on then had dinner there.    After dinner we dropped off some people at the hotel that wanted to go back, then drove around to the other side of the volcano, which is the side that was active at that time so we could see lava flowing at night (during the day we could see where it was flowing by the steam, but couldn’t see the red glow).  The place to view this is down a dirt road, so the normal narrow road, but now you have the mix of cars parked on each side of the road, people wandering around—it reminded me of the shuttle launch with so many people there to watch.  Unfortunately, the clouds were low so we couldn’t see anything.  We went back to the hotel and called it a night.  In our rooms we had 3 postcards left for us, with pictures of us at the zipline.  What a great gift!

You can see pictures from the trip here:

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