Costa Rica-Path to Pura Vida, Quepos

March 31–Wednesday we had our normal breakfast buffet, but this was quite different as the fog was really low and we got to use the umbrella in our room as it was also raining.  We couldn’t see some of the buildings at the hotel, and certainly couldn’t see the volcano.  We were due to fly out this morning and wondered if we’d be able to do so.   Our motorcoach had already gone on to our next destination with our luggage, so we boarded a different one for the 30-minute ride to the airport.  And airport isn’t quite what I would call where we went.  Fico had told us if we got separated at security to go to such and such gate.  Well, we pulled up and just cracked up—this was a very small building, and the runway went through the pineapple fields (where they were picking right beside us).  What an experience!  We weren’t there long before our 2 charter planes landed.  These were 21-passenger Twin Otter’s, and what a plane!  I would rather fly in this (and I don’t like to fly) than the commercial jets.  It was a great experience and I couldn’t believe I enjoyed it so much.   It was funny when the co-pilot just leaned around to give us the safety spiel, which was pretty much, there’s information in the pocket in front of you.  After about a 30-minute flight we landed at another small airport in Quepos, although this one might have been a little larger than the one we’d just left—although I’m not sure if it was or just looked like it.  On the 15-minute ride to the Hotel Parador, where we would stay for the next 2 nights, we saw monkeys, which was very exciting.  This is another gorgeous hotel that has a view of the Pacific Ocean.  I had taken a picture of this hotel from the plane because it stood out so, never dreaming this was where we were headed!   As we got off the bus we were greeted with cold towels and a fruity drink.  Now this is service!!  There are 3 pools and 3 restaurants here as well.   There is also a separate building for concierge guests where they have their own pool and restaurant.  We had a BBQ lunch on the patio then just hung out in the pool for the afternoon.  There was a swim-up bar with the nicest cold concoctions.

To get to our room, you could either walk up the steps or take the elevator.  The elevator was outside, and had a 3-person maximum (not weight, just people).  You had to push a button to open the gate, then another to get the elevator—it was quite an operation.   Our room was simply amazing!  Well, the room itself wasn’t as large as the one we’d just had, although it was very nice.  But the view, and the balcony, was superior!  We had a corner room, and our balcony overlooked the rainforest and the ocean to one side, with 2 chairs and a table, then you walked around the corner of the L-shaped balcony where there were 2 chaise lounges and the view of the pool and more ocean.  It was huge!  Standing there we were able to watch toucans as well as other birds that I have no idea what they were.  We had some kind of falcon land on the balcony and sat there making the loudest noises!

Dinner was on our own again, even though Disney picked up the tab. The kids all had their own Junior Adventure event where they had tons of food and watched a movie.   We ate with several of the group then headed up to bed.

You can see pictures from the trip here:

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