Walt Disney World and Vero Beach

When I woke up at 9:30am I looked outside and the luggage cart was still there. Fetched it and maneuvered it into the room–it was nice to make just one trip to the car. While I was loading the car another guy asked me where I got the cart and I told him it was “procured” but he could have it when I was done if he would return it to Bell Services. He thanked me and took the cart.

Suzanne and I went to Earl of Sandwich for lunch, and then we headed to the Vero Beach area to mom’s house. I didn’t want to drive I-95 for the entire way, so I headed out to the cruise ships to see who was in port–sadly the Disney Wonder was not there. (We’ll be sailing on March 28-April 1.) Drive A1A and US1 to mom’s house as I figured this would be Suzanne’s only chance at seeing the ocean. We always run out of time before we even get anywhere, and she wanted to see palm trees and beaches.

Finally made it to mom’s around 2:30pm, and I got my laundry organized. I think I had a new record: five days and I did not do ONE LOAD OF LAUNDRY! Seriously, even when I am in a hotel I usually do laundry every three or four days. At my house there is no such thing as dirty clothes, and my mom calls me “The Laundry Fairy” because when I’m at her house she never has laundry to do. Then we had to go to the orange grove (Countryside Citrus in Wabasso, FL–please support the Van Antwerp’s small family business www.CountrysideCitrus.com) and select my grapefruit and oranges. I also bought some yummy Orange Blossom Honey and a pint of fresh squeezed (unpasteurized) orange juice which would have only been better with some champagne for Mimosas. Alas, no champagne while driving though! Suzanne polished off most of that OJ. It really is not matched by anything bought around here. My mom has been purchasing fruit from these people since she bought her house in FL and I don’t go anywhere else either.

Went back to the house and hung out for a while, and then I took Suzanne to a little chinese restaurant that has NOT gone buffet. Strangely it was packed! I mentioned to the hostess that I had never seen it that busy, and she said she had never seen it like that either, and she was serious. We had dinner and went back to the house, and the folks went off to their New Years Eve party. Suzanne was in bed by 11pm and I was not far behind her.

On January 1 I spent most of the day trying to resolve a computer problem for my mom. She recently got AT&T U-Verse, which is very cool, and has wireless internet. We loved it–she is clueless how to use any of it. She had an internet problem which we were having a tough time resolving. But after numerous hours on the phone and no help from the online chat help desk, I decided to download the instruction manual on some of the equipment. After I started tracing the equipment I discovered that one part of the modem was unplugged! Probably wasted six hours on this stupid issue that should have been a non-issue. Lesson to be learned here? Download and read the instruction manual BEFORE you contact the help desk. I also told mom where all of this stuff was plugged in and to watch where the cats go as it was probably one of them who unplugged it.

January 2 we were supposed to go to Sea World as we all have annual passes. Unfortunately it was way too cold. We went to Melbourne and did some christmas returns, and some shopping. Took mom to Panera Bread for the first time and she really liked it. Also visited her friend Sally’s condo/duplex, which was really nice. (I would live where Sally lives.) Went back to the house and my mom cooked Prime Rib. Yum, yum… and no restaurant either. Since whenever she cooks Mom uses about 6 pans (no exaggeration) I offered to clean up. She also made me some really great cranberry bars, which I will make for my family. I also went to Publix Supermarket and picked up some stuff that I can’t get up here. Publix is a really great store and their prices are less than what I pay for food up here in Indiana. Except for milk–we still have milk at $1.99/gallon in Indiana. Had to get my stuff purchased because we were leaving for home on Sunday, Jan 3rd.

On Sunday we woke up somewhat later than planned, and I took care of some work before packing up and leaving. Headed towards Jacksonville on I-95, and then to Lake City, FL, and finally north on I=75 to Dalton, GA. Had reservations at the Marriott Courtyard in Dalton. Made it to the hotel in less than 12 hours, and we stopped for lunch, and a little bit of shopping.

Monday, January 4th had me up at 8:30am, and I let Suzanne sleep until 10am-ish. Had breakfast at Dalton in Cracker Barrel and resumed our drive north at 11am. Passed into Indiana at 5pm. Stopped for dinner in Columbus, Indiana, and then we had to do a little bit of shopping. (Suzanne is looking for a specific pair of boots, and it has been quite a quest with no end result–I may end up ordering them online somewhere.) Got home shortly after 8pm, and it was snowing and very cold.

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