Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas – Day 9

We had to get up early today so we could eat before leaving the ship.  We were set as the first group to leave-between 7:15 and 8:30.  We ate, said our good-byes to our Memphis friends, and waited just a short time for our color to be called (everyone was called off by the color tag on their luggage).  We went through customs, found our luggage, then went out to wait for Budget’s shuttle.  This wait was about 30 minutes since they’d picked up the Disney people first.   Check-in was easy, so we were in our car and headed to Orlando in no time.  We went to our house, as my cousin’s didn’t have a flight until 6:30pm.  We hung out there awhile, trying to find out if we could get the Pittsburgh game on TV.  When we found we couldn’t we decided to take them around to the different resorts.  We went to all the deluxes, then ate at Beaches and Cream.  That’s our favorite burger place ever, and it didn’t let us down this time either.  We left through Downtown Disney, took them to the airport, then stopped at Sea World for one quick ride on Kraken then to the Shamu Rocks show.  We got there and 5:00pm, and left at 6:00pm.  How nice it is to have annual passes and not worry about doing something so crazy.  We headed home so I could work awhile (on cheap internet!).  All my friends were there, so I got to chat awhile, then hit the bed.  For some reason on past cruises I didn’t hardly sleep.  DH said I’ve finally learned how to vacation and relax!  I think it was that massage the first day, and I still haven’t gotten out of the vacation mode.

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