Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas – Day 8

The seas are finally calm!  Breakfast & lunch at the Windjammer, but the rest of the time was spent just enjoying our balcony.  This is the first cruise we’ve had one, and it was great!  Got the suitcases packed & ready to go out tonight, the tips in their envelopes to be delivered, and laid out at the pool for a very short time.  No waves today, so didn’t get in.  I worked awhile, as I did every day, but the internet on the ship is very slow, and at 50 cents/minute, very expensive.  It takes 1-2 minutes just to connect.  Most days I spent $15, and didn’t get a lot of work actually done.  I kept my inbox cleaned out so my mail wouldn’t bounce, but that was about it.  I knew Jessica was covering for me and I didn’t have to worry, so I didn’t.  Saying good-bye to our waitress tonight was almost like saying good-bye to family.  She was just great, and we hated to leave her!  If we could be guaranteed we’d have her on another cruise, we’d have booked again.  The first day she went around and asked all of us our names, then after day 3 she used our names without any problem.  I was Mrs. Debbie.  Loved it!  LOL  The show tonight was another comedian, Dan Wilson.  He also was having an adult late night show, but he wasn’t too funny at this one, so we opted not to go to the later one.  They also had another act that was suppose to perform earlier in the week, but since they were a type of balancing act, they couldn’t because of the rolling seas.  The Captain gave a farewell speech, and the head of all the departments came out as well.  After the show, they had a Enchanted Knights Parade through the Royal Promenade, which we watched from our 8th floor.  The it was off to bed for a last good night’s sleep.

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