Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas – Day 7

Breakfast at Windjammers.  Seas are getting calmer now, sun’s out, perfect weather for cruising!  We spent the whole day at the pool.  The fun part was getting in the wave pool.  Granted, it’s not usually a wave pool, but the ocean was still just rough enough that the little pool had pretty good waves going.  It was great fun to get in the middle—you’d ride the wave to one end, then back to the other.  The water was splashing way out of the pool on one end.  Today was the first day in 3 that they’ve even had water in the pools since it’s been so rough.  Of course, I wasn’t going to stay out very long (I’m just not the kind of person that likes to just “lay out”), so I did get a little red.  Thankfully, never sore, so came home looking like I’d been on a cruise.  I went to play mini-golf with DH & cousin, which was great fun.  It’s not my fault that the wind kept blowing my ball away from the hole!  Tonight was our night for the ice show.  We got a front row seat for a very enjoyable show.  It’s amazing what these skaters can do on a rolling floor, in a small rink.  They were still able to do flips and turns quite well.  After dinner the show tonight was “Pure Energy”, which was the RC singers and dancers doing 80’s tunes.  This was a great show—lots of fun!  After this, DH went to the last night of karaoke idol search.  Instead of people just doing karaoke, like we’ve seen in the past, they had a contest going to choose a winner.  Tonight was also the gala buffet, but we were still way too full (it was also lobster night at dinner!) so we just went to bed instead.

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