Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas – Day 6

After breakfast, we disembarked at St. Maarten for more shopping.  We were impressed with how clean the dock looked when we got off the ship.  There were a few shops there, but not many.  We took the water taxi ($5 for all day) to the shopping area downtown where we wandered around for the morning.  They’re tearing up the streets and putting in brick streets (or so it looked), so it was a mess there, but still enjoyed it more than St. Thomas.  The guys found that the McDonald’s there served beer, so they waited in there while we looked around.  They have a beautiful beach right there, so we went back for lunch, then us ladies came back to lay on the beach for the afternoon.  We “rented” lounges (3/$10) where we put our stuff, then played in the ocean for an hour or so.  There were tons of ladies walking around selling things.  I felt bad for them, some had quite an arm full of clothing, etc.  That night we could tell that those ladies must have done quite well as we saw a lot of their stuff on people on the ship.  They probably went home to very nice homes.  LOL  We came back just in time to clean up for dinner.  The show tonight was a comedian, Ralph Harris.  He was very funny, too.  He’s been in one of the Seinfeld shows, so after the show we asked which one.  Now we’re anxious to see that episode again.  We watched Matt Yee for awhile, then off to bed.  The seas are still rough, but getting better.

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