Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas – Day 5

Breakfast at the Windjammer, then everyone had to go through immigrations.  This was something I’d never had to do before.  They had immigrations on board, and everyone had to show their passport and get their room key marked before anyone could disembark.  We all went into town, then took a shuttle to the shopping district.  We’d never gone down there, usually just shopping in the stores right by the dock.  As it turned out, that was enough since they have the same stores there as we saw down town.  We came back to the dock shops and wandered around them for awhile.  I bought a dolphin with Australian opal for a necklace.  I love that stone, and had been wanting something for several cruises.  We headed back on the ship, then to dinner.  Tonight they didn’t have a show in the theater since they were having an ice show at Studio B.  This is something really cool about the Voyager class ships—they have an ice skating rink on board.  They have 2 nights of ice skating shows, and although free, you have to get a ticket since Studio B only holds 750 people.  Our tickets were for Thursday night, so we didn’t have anything to do after dinner.  We hung around the casino for awhile, just watching other people gamble, then DH & I went to the Love & Marriage show, another favorite.  They picked 4 couples, one newly weds, one married 55 years, and 2 in-between.  This is always humorous!  The ones married the longest seemed to know even less about each other than the newly weds.  After this it was time for bed.  The seas are still rough.

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