Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas – Day 4

It was so rough today that the top decks were closed.  Not only was it rough (12-15’ waves) but very windy, so not fun at all to be outside.  Laying on the deck wasn’t an option, although DH was amused at watching people trying to lay on the deck chairs, only to have them blow up and hit them.  We had breakfast in the Windjammer, then one lady and I went to the shopping discussion, which was a total waste of time.  They basically told us where to shop, and the bargains, but we felt it was just pushing those shops (which it was).  Other than lunch, we just pretty much did nothing.  Mid-afternoon, DH & I went to a wine tasting seminar.  We’re not really wine drinkers, but I really want to be.  LOL  I just think it looks cool, so thought this would be a way to see what I liked.  Well, it wasn’t any of those wines!  The best part was the fruit and cheese they had on the tables.  I did talk to the Wine Tender afterwards, told him what I liked, and he suggested I go to Vintages (their wine bar) and try a certain kind of dessert wine he thought I’d like.  He said it was less expensive than the Eiswein I told him I knew I liked. Tonight was a reception for past cruisers, so DH & I went to that for hors d’oeuvres and drinks and a little speech by the Captain.  By now it’s time for dinner, and after that the show.  Tonight’s show was Bowzer’s Rock n Roll Party.  Bowzer was with Sha Na Na and also did the Hand Jive in Grease.  He was great entertainment, bringing people from the audience up to participate in contests such as the hula hoop and other 50’s-type games.  He was a bundle of energy and great fun.  After the show he said he’d be available for pictures and autographs in front of Studio B.  We were heading there anyway because our favorite on-ship game was that night—The Quest (or adult scavenger hunt).  DH went ahead and got us seats in Studio B while I stood in a very long line.  I got an autographed picture for DD (Grease is her very favorite movie) then joined DH.  They did it differently this time in that they had whole sections as a team, with a team-leader that took the items up for points.  We should have done quite well, but they ended it weird and we didn’t win.  Oh well.  (The first time we ever played it we did win, so are spoiled now—LOL).  When we left Bowzer was still doing autographs.  We were totally impressed as this had to be atleast 1.5 hours after he started. He was still smiling, and making sure everyone got what they wanted.  I ran back to the cabin for my camera while DH got in line so we could get our picture taken with him.  After this we went to watch Matt Yee for awhile, then off to bed.

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