Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas – Day 3

I’ve been to Nassau several times, don’t like it, so didn’t even get off the ship.  We ate our only breakfast in the restaurant today, then it was off to my spa treatment.  We got $20 off for doing a treatment while in port.  I did the seaweed/algae wrap and it was WONDERFUL,  although it wasn’t worth the full price of $194!  My masseuse was from Canada and had just been on this ship for 4 months.  She’d been on the Disney ships for 3 years and wished she still was.  She just couldn’t get a job when her contract expired.  They work 8 months, then are up for a new contract.  She liked the Disney ship better because it was smaller, thus easier to make friends.  She wasn’t unhappy with Royal Caribbean, though, just said the ships were different.  This treatment started out with a warm seaweed/algae wrap, after which I was wrapped in a silver blanket.  While I was baking in this, she gave me a scalp massage.  I then got in the shower and washed this off (using the wonderful Elemis things in the shower), then I was wrapped back up in this silver blanket while she did a foot massage.   After that she gave me a very long back massage.  By the time I was done, I was pretty much a wet noodle.  It was just what I needed to work out the kinks I came on board with, and the perfect way to start a relaxing trip.  I think this is what I’ll do from now on one my first day!  The only down side, and they do this on all that I’ve been on, is the selling part at the end.  I’m sorry, but $16 for 1 bath worth of bath salts.  I don’t think so.   After this, it was time for lunch, so we went to the Windjammer again to eat.  I had seen a few things on the menu from the dining room that I wanted to try, to then I went there.  LOL  Actually, I just had an appetizer and dessert, but it was very good.  DH had a terrible head ache and had gone back to the cabin to lay down.  I took him a crème brulee, then just hung around on the balcony reading.  Time for dinner, then we were suppose to go to the Captain’s reception, but were so late in leaving dinner we missed it.  For some reason tonight dinner took a very long time in getting served.  Tonight’s show was called Front Row, and was the RC singers and dancers doing Broadway hits.  They have one singer that just gave us chills.  She could sing just about everything, and well.  The show was good, although I didn’t recognize most of the songs.  If they’re going to do that type of show, they should pick the more popular songs that everyone’s familiar with.  Tonight the seas were really rolling and I didn’t feel too well—not sure if it was the seas, food, or virus, but I decided I’d better just head to bed so I’d feel better tomorrow.  DH went to the late night adult comedy show with Tony Daro and said it was very good.  It wasn’t filthy, but he picked on the audience and played off them, which was very funny.  After that he discovered Matt Yee, who played the piano in the Schooner’s Bar just above the theater.  He said he had the whole audience going and it was standing room only around that whole area.  He said he could sing anything and sound just like the people who’d sung the songs.  He raved about him the whole next day.

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