Sep 212016

By Roye Ann Morris


As I was getting ready to plan our next trip to Disney World, my mind wandered to previous trips and some of my favorite things that are no more.  I began to dig through scrapbooks and photo albums, searching for pictures of long-gone attractions and shows that my family and I had enjoyed through the years. Here are a few of my favorites!

Disney Dollars


We loved collecting these as we waited for our next Disney trip. Although they are no longer available, Disney will still honor any you might have. I think I’ll keep these, though; the memory is worth more than anything the dollars might buy!

River Country and Discovery Island


This is a pamphlet dated 1983. A one-day pass to Magic Kingdom or Epcot was $15 for adults, $14 for juniors, and $12 for children. We never made it to River Country, but Discovery Island was amazing! I still remember my mom posing for this picture, and shortly after it was taken being bitten by an emu she was trying to feed. Being an animal lover, the day we spent here was pure joy for me. I was very sad to see Discovery Island close, but I take every chance I can to visit Animal Kingdom!

Dreamfinder and Figment


This is from the newspaper Disney used to print for guests, dated March 4-17, 1983. As I’ve said before, these two characters and the original Journey into Imagination were my absolute favorite things about Epcot. We always set aside time to play in the pavilion after the ride, and I was thrilled when my kids were able to get a picture with Figment on one of our trips. I really believe that if the original ride came back, people would fall in love with it again!

Epcot Restaurants


This little folded pamphlet included tips on planning your visit and a list of Epcot Center counter service restaurants. Some of the tips inside it were: “Visit Magic Kingdom in the morning and Epcot Center in the afternoon. Take in the wonders of Future World later in the day. Make your dinner reservations at Earth Station before 10 A.M. World Showcase dinner reservations may also be made at City Hall in the Magic Kingdom.” My, how things have changed! Can you imagine Le Cellier as a counter service spot?


The Waterfalls in the Polynesian Lobby


My family took a picture in this spot every time we were in the Polynesian. It was truly one of my favorite places in the World; beautiful, serene, a kind of oasis in the middle of busyness. Although the new lobby is also beautiful with its wide-open spaces and bright colors, this may be the thing I miss the most.

Random Character Photo Ops


While I realize that having a schedule for character appearances makes it easier to plan your day, happening upon a character as he (she? it?) walked through the park was always a fun surprise. We always felt like we had won a prize if we were the first or second in line when a character appeared.  Even if you didn’t necessarily know exactly who it was…. Does anybody know who this is??

Maelstrom in Norway

Of our favorite rides, although more recent than the other memories. I do love “Frozen”, but I am sad that people will not get to ride through the beauty that was Maelstrom, and was very sorry to see it “Disappear, Disappear”! Although I am definitely looking forward to the new “Frozen” attraction on our upcoming trip!

Well, enough reminiscing for one article. I’m still looking for pictures of other favorites: Orange Bird, Horizons, World of Motion, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride….what are your favorite bygone attractions at Disney?

Nov 172008

By Lindsey Tullier

If “acid-free,” “cardstock,” and “die-cut” are words that you actively use in your vocabulary, then this article is not for you. If you have absolutely no idea what I just said, then welcome to scrapbooking! Prepare to be inspired.

We all know a scrapbooker. These creative individuals spend their time at their local craft or specialty scrapbooking store, shopping for the perfect paper and embellishments for their beautiful photo pages while we look on, the green-eyed monster of jealousy starting to rear its ugly head. While their photos are neatly laid out on decorated pages, ours are “somewhere” on our hard drives. Those pictures that we’ve actually gotten around to printing are stuffed in a box in a closet.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I do have a creative gene, albeit for the written word. I thought, “Surely I can do this.” I’ve even gone so far as to buy some supplies to make a “Baby’s First Year” scrapbook for my son David that I have yet to start. He just turned three.

When we took David on his first Walt Disney World vacation in October 2007, I knew I wanted to preserve those special memories. I thought about going to my local craft store to look for Disney-themed scrapbooking supplies. Then I noticed the box of the afore-mentioned baby scrapbooking supplies that I had yet to crack open. Who was I kidding? A “homemade” Disney scrapbook just wasn’t going to happen. As Playhouse Disney’s Imagination Movers would say, I had an “Idea Emergency.”

I decided to take it one step at a time. Quality pictures were a must, so I made sure we had all of our camera supplies (e.g., batteries, memory cards) before we left. It’s a good idea to label your cameras with your name, address, and cell phone number in case they get lost.

Once we were in the World, we sought out Disney’s PhotoPass photographers. They are placed around the parks at typical photo spots, such as Cinderella’s Castle in the Magic Kingdom, Spaceship Earth in Epcot, Mickey’s Sorcerer Hat in the Studios, and the Tree of Life in Animal Kingdom. They are also located at Character Meet ‘n’ Greet spots and some character meals and dinner shows. When you take your first PhotoPass picture, you will be given a card with an ID number and barcode. Give this card to each PhotoPass photographer you encounter, and he/she will scan the card after taking your photos. Take a picture of the back of your card with your camera or cell phone so you have your ID number in the event you should lose your card.

With PhotoPass, getting great pictures is the easy part. The real work for me happened once we got home. What do I do with all of my photos? My first stop was to Disney’s PhotoPass website. I loaded my PhotoPass ID number and watched all of my PhotoPass pictures “magically” appear. If you end up with multiple PhotoPass IDs, either through multiple cards or by purchasing a photo package through a character meal, dinner show, or portrait session, you can combine all of these pictures into a single account through the website.

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