Trader Sam to Have New Storyline in Jungle Cruise Update

Jungle Cruise

Earlier this year it was announced that the Jungle Cruise at both the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World and at Disneyland in California would be seeing updates. These updates will help to rework the story where Guests will follow a skipper and passengers when something goes wrong. The updated version will still keep the punny nature, but it will include a brand new story, with more diverse values, and fun and updated details. One part of the story that will be seeing an update is the Trader Sam piece.

Instead of Sam being the “head salesman” he’s now just a “salesman.”  In the updated version, Trader Sam is going to be the new manager of the Lost and Found location. Of course, Sam being the salesman he is, it looks suspiciously like a gift shop. (Every attraction should have one, right?)

As you can see in the above rendering, Sam is still the best salesman in the jungle. As you an see from his store, he’s amassed quite a collection. Sam, unfortunately won’t be seen anymore; instead he’s out searching for more lost and found loot. But that won’t stop the animals from having some fun in his location.

This new scene is just one of many updated scenes that this beloved attraction will see. The best news? The Jungle Cruise enhancements will officially be debuting at some point this year!

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