New Disney Cruise Line Destination Announced – Lighthouse Point


Sailing on Disney Cruise Line takes Guests to far off destinations that are truly fantastical. One such destination is the Bahamian private island of Castaway Cay. But soon, there will be a second destination in the Bahamas for Guests to be able to experience on the breathtaking island of Eleuthera at a place called Lighthouse Point.

Lighthouse Point will celebrate both the stories of The Bahamas, as well as the natural environment, all while incorporating Disney touches. Heading up this challenge is Imagineer Joe Rohde. Joe is known for his intense love of nature and has therefore embarked on an in-depth cultural tour of both The Bahamas and Lighthouse Point. Lighthouse Point will incorporate local artists and cultural experts into the design, as Joe has explored cultural sites across New Providence and Eleuthera, from Junkanoo shacks to noted art galleries.  The end product is one that will create an authentic experience all while preserving mother nature. Disney will be working with local artists to create a unique destination rooted in Bahamian culture and filled with Disney magic.

Construction has not started yet and will begin only after an Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Management Plan are reviewed and accepted by the Government of The Bahamas and public consultation has occurred. Disney will be directly involved in conservation efforts to preserve and protect the environment of Lighthouse Point and Eleuthera.

If the plans are accepted, the island paradise could look like this:

Lighthouse Point

If plans are approved, construction could begin in 2020 with a completion date in late 2022 or 2023.

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