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Disney Decorated Rooms

by Jane Jones

Create your own Peter Pan bedroom (or any other character!):

I bought wallpaper border on eBay for about $7 a roll and painted ($10) the woodwork and 1 wall a corresponding green color to match the wallpaper. LOOKS BEAUTIFUL! Then I bought quite a number of lithos (9 in all @ about $5+- each) and framed them with great $2 frames from Walmart and placed them around the room in order that they happened in the movie (Just recently added the Jane/Peter litho, too). Next, I bought a 1950's era wood cut out nursery set of Peter, the ship, and the children on eBay for $13!!! I have them flying below a "moon" that I put on the wall. It is a flat piece of styrofoam that I covered with white tulle that had small gold stars all over it. Then, I bought 2 larger gold stars (cheapy Christmas ornaments) and placed them on the "moon" as the "Second Star to the Right". That probably cost a total of $10.

We then made a dust ruffle and valance that match the border ($6) and bought a new solid comforter from Marshalls ($20)If you notice, I forcused on pinks, as I wanted this was for a girl, but there are lots of other accent colors for boys (Navy, orange, yellow, black, greens). Finally, I bought a cheap ($5) full length mirror and painted the trim the same green and with glitter glue, glued on "pirate jewels" that can be purchased at any craft store ($5 glue/jewels). I also bought an unfinished wall coat rack for $6 and did the same.

The room is wonderful and I pick up things here and there to add finishing touches (Grandpa bought a Fab 5 as Peter Pan on stage sericel and the Peter and the Pirate ship snowglobe...what a guy!).

There are lots of other things out there that you can add. Here are a few more items I've purchased for the bedroom, but just haven't put up due to space and creative idea changes. I bought a copy of the blueprints for DL's Peter Pan's ride for $7 and a Peter Pan's Flight ride poster ($5) on eBay, but didn't use them, as my plan evolved in a new direction. I hope to oneday frame them and put them up in the hallway for everyone to enjoy!

My daughter LOVES her "Peter Pan room" and it was easy to do! It just takes faith, hope, a little pxie dust, patience and time:)

Princess Bathroom:

I took the same idea and did my DD's bathroom in a "Disney Princess" theme. Pink woodwork, solid corresponding towels (pink, yellow, blue), bought lithos on eBay, cheapy frames that I spray painted gold, a Princess poster that I framed, a princess bathroom set and clock (eBay), and some cheap Walmart flower chains to accent the mirror and above the doors. I also added 2 collage frames on the wall near the toilet with pictures of DD and Disney Princesses. They are from different park trips. I put them at her level so she could enjoy them!

One last idea....I stenciled hearts around the top of the wall in the woodwork pink. Then I bought irridescent glitter glue/paint for about $2 at a craft store and "highlighted" the hearts with it. It gives a "pixie dust" look that you could use in the Peter Pan bedroom. I originally was going to use the idea in the bedroom, but with what I had already, it would have been overkill. It looks great in the bathroom and would be a nice idea for you! Again, it's not the theme you are looking for, but the ideas might help.

Last thoughts:

I definately had to do these on a budget and DOLLARLESS. It took me the summer to patiently gather all that I wanted for the Peter Pan bedroom, as finding some items was tough, BUT they are out there and it can be done!

Finally, check out your local stores. I was given a Peter Pan video poster (didn't use it, stored for now) and the cardboard Peter Pan video stand that I was able to use pieces for a door in the bedroom. There is lots of that "Return to Neverland" stuff still in the stores....ask!!!! They just throw it out!