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Making A Disney Character
Autograph Lunch Box

by Sharon Hahn

Here are a few photos of the lunch box I altered. What I did is the following:

  • 1. Bought lunch box in Targets $1 section. The lunch box is approximately 4 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches in size.
  • 2. Painted it using red & black acrylic paint. (*tip* I took the lid & handle off lunch box to make it easier to paint by just pushing up on the little metal notches inside.) You may need to apply a couple of coats of paint depending on what color it origionally was.
  • 3. Let everything dry for several hours.
  • 4. Then decorate. I used cardstock & stickers.

  • 5. Apply Mod Podge Gloss-Lustre to seal & make the paint shine. I used several coats of the Mod Podge to make sure the stickers & ribbon attached would not peal off.

  • 6. To decorate handle I tied pieces of ribbon around it.
  • 7. For the cards I just cut 4 x 5 1/2 inch pieces of cardstock & decorated with stickers for each character. I also have a bunch of plain white cards for any of the hard to find characters we meet or in case we get doubles.

I figure I can put the signed ones away when we get back to the hotel & then put new sheets in. An added bonus is 1/2 the work is done for you if you plan on making them part of your vacation scrapbook.

This was very inexpensive to make. Probably under $10. You just have to buy the lunch box & stickers if you need to make more since you will have plenty of paint & mod podge.