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Making A Disney "Character"
Autograph Book

by Julie Ortega

I have finally finished my nieces' autograph books!

The size is 21.5 x 14 cms (half letter size) and this is what I did: on the front of each page at the left side I printed a "color image" (clip art) of the character and on the same page but at the right top side I put the name, for instance Aladdin.

Then on the other side of the same page I printed a coloring type image of the same character and the name at the left top side. In this way the first picture is in color and when you turn the page it is a different picture of the same character that the girls will be able to color.

Another important thing: I made "blank pages" with the Walt Disney World logo (you know the one with the 4 icons) at the right top of the page and then I copied the "Happiest Celebration on Earth logo" (the one with the castle) and the right bottom, to use these in case we find a character that we do not have in our books. When you turn the page, the icons are on the left part. I added 10 blank pages for each book.

I wrote the names of the characters in alphabetical order so when there is an autograph opportunity, we will find the page for such character without delay. Oh and another important thing I printed two for Aladdin (all different clip art) because that's the chances I guess we will meet him. For the princesses for example, I printed 4 for the "main ones" (different images again); 2 in color and 2 for coloring because we will have lunch with them and then we will see them at the Judge's tent.

Once I finished all the pages I thought we might need, (first I tried with card stock but those were getting really heavy so I switched to white paper) I took these cards to an Office Depot for them "bind" the pages.

The pages are the same for both books. Just the front page changed. Oh and before the front page there is a clear plastic cover (same size of the page) covering page 1. So first page is clear plastic and last one is black plastic.

I used bright colors and character images for the first page of each book (the one that have the names of my nieces). I also copied a picture from WDW site that shows the four parks and put Mickey and Minnie above it with the words "September 2005" at the top and "Walt Disney World" at the bottom.

I used the WDW Character Autograph Check List as a guide for the pages I needed. Some of the clip art was difficult to find like the Mary Poppins coloring ones.

Now each book is in its zip lock bag along with some sharpies.

I had a lot of fun and can't wait to see the girls' faces when they see their books.