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We want to help you set sail on a magical cruise.

MagicalCruisesForLess wants to help you make Cruise planning easy and affordable. Our goal is to educate members on the fine art of getting the most value for their cruise dollars. By joining our community you will have access to our member benefits including exclusive discounts, money saving techniques, money-saving group cruise space and lots of fun too. Additionally, MCFL members receive the expert recommendations of our veteran members who have cruised the waterways of the world. We can share lots of tricks and techniques to make your vacation even more magical. Members also have use of a completely free Disney specialized travel agency to assist with all of their vacation arrangements. Visit TheMouseForLess, and experience “The Magic” for less today.

  • If you have ever wondered if a cruise vacation is right for you, join our group and let our members
  • Do you have cruise vacation planning questions? Let our expert cruisers answer your questions.
  • If you are looking for the best way to save money on your next cruise, learn about cruise rebates, group space or more; This is the spot for you.
  • Or if you just want a spot to talk about cruisin’, and meet other folks who share your same interests, and maybe even take a cruise with them; come join our group, we would love to have you.

You can join the MagicCruisessForLess Group at the following link: Opens in a new window

Please be aware that the MagicCruiseseForLess is a very active e-mail group. When joining the group you have several options.

  • Individual e-mail-This means that every message sent to the group by a member will arrive in your e-mail box individually. This is a great option for many members, but it will result in your receiving many e-mails (maybe even 100 a day) from the group.
  • Daily Digest-This option bundles e-mail messages in groups of 25 and sends them to your e-mail.
  • Special notices only-You will only receive important notices from our group moderators. The rest of the messages you can read on-line.
  • No mail-By using this option you will only be able to read the messages on-line. They will not be delivered to your in-box.

You can change your e-mail options at any time by editing your member profile.



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