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You know you're a Disney Expert when

We asked a few of our TheMouseForLess list members to complete the following sentence: You know you are a Disney "expert"(aka fanatic) when ...

We got some fun and imaginative answers. If you would like to add your idea of what it means to be a "Disney expert" to this page, please submit it to

You know you're a Disney Expert when...

You know you are a Disney expert when looking for your car at Wal-Mart you tell your spouse you parked in the Goofy section! -- Cristal

You have a bumper sticker that reads "My Other Vehicle is a Monorail (Omnimover, Peoplemover, Teacup, etc...) -- Jeff Contompasis

You know you're a Disney expert when your daughter calls from work because her supervisor wants to go to WDW and needs some advice on where to stay, what to pack and what kind of tickets to purchase. Or when your DH refers to you as "My wife the Disneyphile". -- Marie Lemmon

You know you're an "expert" when you get up in the morning and instead of shaving, you have to trim your mouse ears! -- Shelly

You're a college student and you realize that you somehow managed to write your last 5 papers on Disney (and get A's!) -- Erin

You enter each Disney ride saying, "Ok guys, what face are we gonna make this time", because you know where they take your photo on each ride and like to pose for them! -- Erin

You know your an expert when, you call to make reservations and they know who you are. You know your a Disney expert when, not only do you recognize cast members but they recognize you too. -- Symons

You know you are a Disney Expert when you hear the seemingly benign trivia question asked "How many cinder blocks did it take to build WDW's Cinderella Castle? (and they give you a 10,000 differential" and you know it is a trick question. No cinder blocks were used - it was poured. It is made out of fiberglass. -- Micky Mausse

You know you're a Disney Expert, when fellow employees ask you to plan their Disney vacation. Also, when you know where every restroom is located in every Park. -- Kay Leonard

You know you're a Disney Expert when your entire family can recite the whole Muppets rendition from the theatre in WDW. And quote every joke and corny line they heard while in WDW. -- Tony & Jackie Ruckel

You know how to get around Disney, Orlando, and Kissimmee like you get around your own city.

You nickname your child Mickey or Minnie.

You get mad when people call MK, WDW (ex.. Kids tomorrow we are at Epcot, and next day we will visit WDW)

You secretly figure out how many points it would take to get you to that dude ranch in Arizona (for DVC members only)

You take out a second mortgage to fund your next 10 Disney trips.

You know the subtle difference between WDW, DL, DLP, and Disneyland Tokyo that know one ever notices, not even the CMs.

You use your kitchen sink to make one of those sundaes.

You know you're a Disney Expert when...

People ask you about your son and the first thing you say is he works at Walt Disney World.

You're talking to total strangers in the park and other people come up to you and ask your advise on what rides/restaurants/shows are the best.

You spend 12 hours a day online earning freebies for your next Disney World Vacation.

You know your way around the Orlando airport better than the one where you live. --Logan

l You know you are a Disney fanatic (expert) when you start planning your next vacation while you are still enjoying THIS vacation!--Wendi

You're still filled with wonder when you leave Boston at 7 a.m. and find yourself eating lunch at EPCOT.--Roberta

Someone you met 6 months ago for only 5 minutes calls you "Ms Disney" the next time you meet.--Binnie

You purchase annual passes and the CM points out that you live in Colorado...

Your Disney Destination Specialist "degree" has replaced the degree in English Literature and shares shelf space with the Massage Therapy Certification...

Your most prized piece of "artwork" is the charcoal drawing of Mary Poppins by a DL street artist...

You have put all of your belongings in storage, moved to the East Coast and are planning to work for the World for the summer...

Mixed in between the New Age CDs used for clients are various Disney soundtracks...
There are more plastic cards taking up residence in yor wallet with a Disney logo/affliation than any other...

You spend the majority of Internet time in sites such as these...

When trying to consolidate one's belongings; deciding what you cannot live without for the period of time when your life is in storage, the only two videotapes that you haul cross country is a Kundlini Yoga tape and the 2001 (which you know by heart) Disney planning video...--disneygal

You stand in line to get FastPass tickets for your party and explain to those around you how FastPass works!--Lisa McClure

You dream about winning the lottery and how many Disney trips you you'll be able take with the money:)--Ames

  1. When you start singing "Hi Ho, HI HO, i'st off to work I go".
  2. When you've been driving a stretch of highway, and you are anticipating the parking booth for the Disney Parks.
  3. When you dreaming of you next trip, before you leave your first one.
  4. When you get mad the next time someone mention Mike Eisner's name.
  5. When you make plans on how to effectively decorate your house in Disney décor.
  6. When you tell your kids to keep all hands inside the vehicle at all times, then tell to them in Spanish, and the only other thing you know how to say is taco.
  7. When your child or husband tells a lie, and you expect their nose to grow.
  8. Your best videos are the ones you took at Walt Disney World, and the entire Disney collection.--Tricia Your teenage daughter asks YOU to be in charge if the senior trip is to WDW, because she KNOWS they'll see EVERYTHING....

When you ride the monorail and say the script in Spanish with the speaker! "Please stand clear of the doors--"Lorna in WV

when it makes you cringe to hear people refer to it as "ohanaS"--Mickey

you compare the transportation in the national parks to the transportation at Walt Disney World--Donna

When someone asks you to point something out, you use your pointer and middle fingers together, or your whole hand - but never just the pointer.--Michelle

You are a Disney Expert when you know how many birds there are in the Tiki Room, when you know every ride safety spiel, and when you are asked trivia questions about Disney, you feel insulted of your Disney knowledge. ºoº -- TennisNet7

You know you're a Disney Expert when...

You start looking for cheap codes for another trip to WDW and haven't gotten there for your already planned trip! --Arlene

  1. People stop you to ask for directions while at WDW.
  2. You start referring your parking space at work by Disney characters.
  3. Zip-a-Dee-Do-Da is your song of choice.
  4. When you are driving down the expressway, you start thinking that you are almost in the parking lot at The World.
  5. When the real world is that place you go to escape from WDW every once in a while.
  6. When people say you're goofy, and you take it as a complement.
  7. When you make Mickey pancakes in the morning.
  8. You wake up singing "A Whole New World".
  9. When you imagine your body builder instructor Singing "Be a Man" (Guys) or that he is Gaston (Ladies).
  10. You have more "Pins" then "Pens".
  11. You have a daughter named Arielle, Genie, Nala, Belle, Jasmine, or Mulan.
  12. You have a son named Gaston, Genie, Al, or Prince. (Note: Genie can be a boy or girl's name, even though the voice was done by Robin Williams)
  13. You have a Cat named Simba, Mofisa, or Scar.
  14. Your bird's name is Iago, or Zarzo.
  15. You can actually spell Supercalafragelicxbeladous.
  16. You never want to grow up.
  17. When you know all the songs to all three groups of Mouskateers.
  18. You know all the names of the Mouskateers.
  19. You refer to call your co-workers as Cast Members (works only if you work at a really fun place like Target, Toys-R-Us, Chuck E. Cheese, ET all.) --Tricia L.

When you know the bus routes better than the bus drivers, and tell them so,--Angela d

When other people at WDW keep asking you questions because they "thought you worked here" & then they ask you to fine tune their plans...and then 1 child asked you to sign her autograph book!--Brock N. Cordeiro

You know the difference between Bay Lake and the Seven Seas Lagoon.

You call the TTA the WEDWay People mover (and know what WED stands for)

Tom Morrow is one of your close personal friends :)

You call SOG (was Disney Inn) the "Golf" resort.

You have found the five legged goat in the Mural at the Contemporary.

Your daughter is named after a place in Disney World- Our DD is Hanna, named after Hurricane Hanna's at the Y&B Club-long story : )--Pam from PA

You know the one difference between the "identical" murals at Epcot (sorry, forgot which attraction LOL).

You can point out all hidden mickeys at the parks and hotels.

Your favorite TV Channel is the Disney Channel.

You can say the script to Carrousel of Progress--Lisa

When DH asks, "So, when are we going "home"? I think we've been on "vacation" long enough!" And, THAT'S being said the day after we've just come back from WDW!!!!--Maggie

You know you are a Disney expert when you here a family arguing at a restaurant saying "but I had RESERVATIONS for 5:30," and you understand what the problem is.--Robyn Wright

When you are on 2 discussion boards, a news group, a dieting club with a Disney theme, a member of an "expert" panel, and your classmates named you Mickey in high school because you go to "the World" so much--Mickeyºoº

People in your company make conference calls to you to help them plan their trips.
When corporate says you can't show up for meetings in Denver unless you where Disney clothing.--Judimouse

When your friends plan a trip to a Disney Park, and they want you to go with them to be their tour guide--Pau

You know you're a Disney Expert when...

You know the meaning the to beginning of the Circle of Life song.

You know how to sing It's a Small World in all of the languages on the ride, and you are only fluent in English.

You use your car as a test track.

You accidentally use your Disney dollar for grocery money.

You actually enjoy submitting lists like these on site like The Mouse For less for the third time. --Tricia L.

When you know all the words, and sing along to every parade you watch. -- Lisa

For clarification purposes, when discussing a past Disney World trip, you not only must state the year of your trip, but the month AND the year. -- Lisa

You are watching IllumiNations for the nth time and hear some people behind you saying, "I think it's getting bigger. Yes, look it at, it must be! I wonder how they did that?", and you feel yourself burning with fury inside as you turn and politley inform them that the globe is coming nearer to them not, 'getting bigger'. Just as you think its all sorted you just put your head in your hands as they wonder out loud, "Wow, look! The contries have pictures on them! Wow! Look! They're changing! -- Love *Beth*

You know your a Disney Expert "cough" fanatic when you play a computer game requiring you to build a theme park and you use Disney Park maps to create them. --Sarah Padilla

You know you are a Disney Expert when local people call you for advice on future trips. -- Joe Hester

Here is my idea of a Disney Maniac...Talk your boyfriend into buying you and engagement ring with three diamonds, one large and two smaller (in perfect proportion to ears), in the shape of Mickey's head of course! By the way, it's gorgeous! Yes, it's true. And I am getting ready for a Disney themed wedding too -- Amanda from Tarrytown, NY

You know your a Disney Expert if you know what Alt 0186 O Alt 0186 means! (Answer -> ºoº) -- Randy Tennison

You know you are a Disney Expert when all of the "you know you are a Disney Expert" items fit you to a 'T' and second of all.. Other members of your extended family and your friends won't take a vacation to Disneyworld until they have spoken to you to get the updated info -- Renee Soderberg

You hear the 12 Days of Christmas song and you sing each line in the correct character voice, AND know exactly when to say onion rings instead of golden rings. --Kerry Lasiter

When CM's at The Disney Store ask you what the latest specials are at DisneyWorld. --Bethany

You are standing in line for a ride at Epcot and you feel like letting out a primal scream because you heard the family behind you discussing: "We're at Epcot today, let's go to DisneyWorld tomorrow".--Michael Boyer

You are on a backstage MK tour and the tour guide asks the group who their favorite Disney character is. You respond with Chernabog and everyone else says, "Chernabog who?" including the Cast Member/Tour Guide. (The tour guide finally figured it out with the clue: Fantasia)--Michael Boyer

You catch yourself shouting out the Jungle Cruise "punchlines" before the skipper can get them out. --Michael Boyer

You can't fall asleep because you are trying to think up clever responses to some crazy phrase like: "You know you are a Disney "expert"(aka fanatic) when ..."--Michael Boyer

You cannot leave the TheMouseForLess site for fear that you will miss something, because each little thing that you read helps you to become a Disney EXPERT. --Sue

You are walking through the parks...notice a person wearing a MFL Pin and, after introducing yourself, actually know their name or some of their posts.--Chris

The cast members ask *you* where the nearest restrooms are..--Lori

The characters in the parades, (MSEP, Spectromagic, ToN), recgonize you.--Daisimae

You find a Hidden Mickey in your cereal bowl.--Arlene Whenever you hear the letters M I C you burst into song --Arlene

You can tell the difference between Chip and Dale --Arlene