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Give Kids The World: Ways To Donate

If you have any comments, questions or contributions, please send them to Wendy and Beccy at We would love to hear from you. Please let us know what you think.

YOU can make an amazing difference in the lives of the GKTW children by making a donation. Donations come in all shapes and sizes but NONE of them are small! Below you will find many different ways to donate to Give Kids The World. Read them over. I'm sure you will find one that "fits you" perfectly!

  • CURRENT DONATION CHALLENGE! Our current "drive" on The Mouse For Less is a very worthwhile one. Every year in December, each of the villas is decorated for the holiday season. As you can imagine with all of the new additions at the Village, there are a lot more villas to decorate. Each villa is decorated by volunteers who give both their time and provide the decorations.
  • With your help, we would love to be responsible for one villa. We have some local volunteers (MFL members) to do the decorating, but if you are going to be in the area during "decorating time" and would like to help out, we know Barbara would love to see you. What we are REALLY in need of, of course, are the decorations. On our list of needs are:
•At least 2 trees. Pre-lit trees would be best (although not necessary).
•Lots and lots of ornaments! Please, NO GLASS ORNAMENTS! This is for safety reasons.
•Lights (indoor/outdoor)
•Other miscellaneous decorations (nothing perfumed or secular to reflect the many nationalities of the guests).

If you think this is a way you may be able to donate please write Wendy at wendy.hayton @ .

  • Toothbrushes, toothpaste**, bookmarks, pencils, pens, notebooks (autograph book size), glowsticks, crayons, soaps**, shampoos**, shower caps (you know, those great Mickey items that Mousekeeping leaves for you each day?), unopened Happy Meal toys, stickers, or small bottles of bubbles**.
  • Internet Freebies: I'm sure we've all seen them. Those links you can click to receive free samples? Some may not strike you as something that YOU would need or use, but how about something for our GKTW Welcome Bags?
  • Day-to-Day Needs: GKTW always needs items to keep the Villiage running smoothly on a day-to-day basis. Items range from batteries and balloons to wheelchairs and wheelbarrows! This list, GKTW Wish List is a current listing of the GKTW daily needs. These items sometimes change, so be sure to check back for the most current list.
  • Money: GKTW accepts monetary donations. If you would like to make a cash donation to the Villiage, you can print our 4x6 MFL Member Donation Card, to send with it. This card will provide GKTW with the information needed to reply to you with a letter that you can use for tax purposes.
  • Help A MFL Member To Spread The Pixie Dust: Some of our members struggle to pay postage to ship their donations to GKTW. Maybe you can help! Are you driving to WDW? Perhaps you have a little extra space that could be used to take someone's GKTW donations to WDW. Maybe you're not quite sure of what to send and sending money just doesn't seem appropriate to you. Perhaps you could donate the postage for another member to ship their donation. If you are interested in doing either of these things OR if you are in NEED of these things, write to Wendy at . She will try to match you up with another member.

These are just a few of the many ways that you can help bring magic to children and families that really need it. If YOU have an idea of other ways to donate to GKTW, please write to us at


If you plan on bringing your donation with you on your trip to WDW but have no way of transporting it to GKTW, don't despair! Drop an email to Barb at tinksinn @ Barb (Barb's Suds Service) will either meet with you or will make arrangements for a Village volunteer to pick up your donation from your hotel reception desk while you are out enjoying the parks. You can also leave your package at your resort desk (if labeled properly) for Barb to pick up at her convenience. Please contact Barb for the information needed to do this. And while you're at it, how about throwing a couple of Mickey soaps and/or shampoos from your resort in with your package?

If you would like to mail your donation the address is:

Give Kids The World
c/o Beccy Hosoda
7643 Persian Court
Orlando FL 32819

**Please note: We've had some serious contamination spills during shipping! If you are sending anything liquid or anything that might melt or get soft, please place these items in zip lock bags! Some items that should be zip locked are soap, shampoos and conditioners. We can't afford to waste even one bottle or bar so please help keep your donations safe!

ALL donations made to Give Kids The World are tax deductible.

Angels are everywhere. You can see some of ours here on our MFL Angels page.

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