Disney Planes Storybook Deluxe

I received this app free of charge for the purpose of writing the review below.

Disney Planes

Have you seen Disney Planes, yet?  I haven’t, but my family is going to see it tomorrow for my daughter’s birthday.  While my son has been anxiously waiting to see the movie, he has been playing with the Disney Planes Storybook Deluxe app.  Yes, several times a day, I see him sneaking the iPad to “fly” with Dusty.

Disney Planes 1

When the app opens, the above options are given.  I’ll start with Scan and Fly.  Scan and Fly is a virtual “Adventure Album”, like a scrapbook with stickers.

Disney Planes 6

Every 24 hours, I can scan a Disney Planes logo to get another sticker added to the “Adventure Album.”  I just look up the Disney Planes website and line up the logo in the viewer screen.  The app does the rest.

Disney Planes 2

When I clicked on the Read and Fly option,  the story quickly began, and I was transported into the story, flying through the cornfields.  The developers over at Disney Publishing Worldwide Applications really outdid themselves on this app.  I’ve reviewed several apps that incorporated parts of the movie, but I think this app added so many different elements that really drew me into the story and the action.

Disney Planes 3

Besides the animation and clips from the movie, I was given several opportunities to “fly” Dusty through various obstacles.  This was actually very addicting and a lot of fun.

Disney Planes 4

My favorite flights were when I was flying through the hoops or between the towers of light and landing the plane on the aircraft carrier.  It was fairly easy to follow the arrow directions and fly in the right direction when out in the open fields.  However, I’ll not say much about my flight through the train tunnel…

Disney Planes 7

When I chose the Race and Fly option, I was allowed to choose which plane to fly and what type of area to fly in.  Many options are locked but can be unlocked by using oilcans saved up from previous flights in the Race and Fly section.  Also, there are four planes at the back of the list that apparently can be unlocked with the Disney Planes Read and Fly Storybook.

Disney Planes 8

Obviously some terrains are more difficult than others.  I found the more closed-in terrains like the canyon to be more difficult, and I think they may be a little difficult for young kids.

Disney Planes 9

My son loves flying on the Disney Planes Storybook Deluxe because the games are challenging enough for him while being easy enough for him to have fun.  My son plays on the iPad, and I tested the app on my iPhone 5.  I think this app is a lot of fun and should keep children (especially boys) busy for a while.

The Disney Planes Storybook Deluxe app is available on the iTunes store for $6.99.  This app works on recent versions of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.  If you plan on buying this app, please verify that your device and iOS meets the requirements listed on the app.

Disclosure:  I received this app free of charge for the purpose of this review.  I received no other compensation from the Disney company, nor was I required to give a positive review.  All opinions are 100% mine and my children’s.

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