Storybook App Sale Thru Tuesday 5/21/2013


I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy the Disney Storybook apps on iTunes!  It’s great to read the stories and have activities combined with them.  These apps are great to have on an iPhone or iPad when traveling and also when running errands to keep the kids busy while I’m busy. Many of the Storybook apps are on sale for $4.99 thru Tuesday (5/21/13), so if you are missing any of the following Storybook apps, you might want to head over and add them to your iPad/iPhone (affiliate links below).

  • Wreck-It-Ralph Storybook Deluxe – A fun app that follows the story of the movie.  It includes a race game.  You can read my review of this app here.
  • Cars 2 Storybook Deluxe – Did your kids like the mystery of Cars 2?  They are sure to like this book with vibrant art and voices from the movie.
  • Finding Nemo Storybook Deluxe – This is probably the app that has gotten the most use by my son because of the cool interactive “talking with” Dory part.  What my son says, Dory will repeat in “whale”.  You can read my review of this app here.
  • Brave Storybook Deluxe – This app follows the story of Merida as she learns about family.  Besides the usual coloring pages, this app has a target game to play.  You can read my review of this app here.
  • Monsters, Inc Storybook Deluxe – Another great app for a really fun story!  Besides the story, there is a scaring game at the end.  You can read my review of this app here.
  • Tangled Storybook Deluxe – Follow the story of Rapunzel as she leaves her tower in search of the lights.  You can read my review of this app here.
  • Cinderella Storybook Deluxe – Read the classic story of Cinderella with fresh illustrations and whimsy on every page.

Remember that the $4.99 price is only through 5/21/13 (Tuesday) and that the price will go back to regular price after that.  Make sure to complete your Storybook app library during this sale!

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