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The Mouse For Less website is celebrating its 13th birthday, and a part of this celebration includes you, the reader.  As part of a contest, we asked what you would like to read about.  [If you haven’t included your ideas, there is still time to do so here.]  One of the ideas left was for a list of good places to find Disney videos.  I am going to give you a couple of good places today and hope to compile a list at a later date.

The first place that comes to mind would be The Mouse For Less’s sponsor, The Magic For Less.  The Magic For Less has a YouTube channel with lots of videos from touring Disney Parks and Disney Cruise Lines.  Not sure of what resort you might want to stay in at Walt Disney World?  There are lots of resort tour videos on The Magic For Less YouTube channel.

Another great source for Disney videos is the Disney Parks YouTube channel.  I have my YouTube account set up so that I get emails when Disney Parks puts up a new video.  Well, I got an email Thursday morning about a new video that Disney Parks put up, and I want to share this video with you.  This video is based on the old Goofy “Art of” series of cartoons, and my children love it so much that we have seen it several times already.

You can also find this video at
I hope you enjoy this video as much as my family did!



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