Disney Favorites Through the Alphabet – “M”

With this post, we have reached the half-way point in the alphabet.  That is… if I counted my fingers correctly.  🙂  Today (or yesterday, I should say), my family and I drove up the mountain to where about 17 inches of snow fell.  Thankfully, the road department did a fantastic job clearing the road because we had NO problems at all!  Why am I posting about our drive?  Well, all that snow has put me in a fantastically MERRY mood!  {This is even AFTER I shoveled off the driveway!}

It finally seems like the Christmas season!  {I don’t want to leave anyone out, so Happy Hanukkah and Happy Kwanzaa, too!}  It was snowy and just simply beautiful, and that reminded me of Walt Disney World.  Now, I know there isn’t normally snow at Walt Disney World (except for Blizzard Beach and Winter Summerland mini-golf), but Walt Disney World at Christmas time always puts me in the Christmas spirit.

There is nothing like a mega-sized Mickey head wreath to put me in the Christmas mood!  It is so large on the end of the Contemporary Resort, and it is a welcoming sight when walking back from Magic Kingdom at night.

It is so magical to see all the wreaths, lights, and icicles on Cinderella’s Castle in the Magic Kingdom.  Come to think of it… Magic Kingdom is another “M” word.  I just love to see all the magical merriment during Christmas!

Of course, there are also the marching toy soldiers in Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade.  This is such a magical parade that really puts tears in the eyes of moms’ seeing their kids watch the marching toy soldiers, dancing gingerbread men, and their favorite Disney characters for the first time.

I love to find just the right angle to get that mirror image of the lit castle at night.  It is such a beautiful sight!

When my family stays at a resort that is on one of the lagoons, we love to play the “How many forms of Disney transportation can you spy” game when we have down time in the room.  We have come up with several interesting combinations.  In fact, when we looked the other direction from which the above picture was taken, we saw a boat, a Magical Express bus, and a monorail.  However, in this picture, we have multiple monorails.  I know this has to happen several times per day, but this was the only time that I saw this multiple monorail split.  It was such a neat sight in front of Space Mtn!

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