MFL Magical Memories, Part 6

As part of TheMouseForLess Yahoo Group’s 12th birthday celebration, members are sharing some of their magical memories of MFL and Disney parks from over the years.  We’ll be posting a few each day.  Here’s what they had to say:

Susan Kozicki:  I have really enjoyed being apart of the MFL group! Everyone is so helpful and friendly.  It is like a Disney family. If a member can do it they will. I have learned alot from my friends at MFL. Another memory I have with MFL is all the great trips Tina booked for us thru Magic for Less. Wonderful family time at Disney! What is also so amazing about this group is if you have a question about Disney or a non Disney place they will help if they can! I had one member send me information on NY when we were going. She went out of her way to get information for me from NYC.  Another friend sent my son post cards from Japan and another from London! Just amazing group of people!

Christopher Flannery: When our son was 7, we took our first trip to WDW, along with my daughter (5) and wife.  Because Brendan has autism, we asked for a Guest Assistance Pass; he was in a special 12 month program, so we only had the last 2 weeks of August to take vacation.  It was hot, humid, the worst possible weather.  Toontown Fair was open and he wanted a picture with Mickey.  It was a madhouse–at least an hour (or more).  After a few minutes, he was getting irritable.  I thought we would have to bail out and try again another day.  I spotted a cast member, showed him the GAC and explained the situation.  He asked me to wait a few minutes and he’d see what he could do.  After about 10 minutes, I figured he’d forgotten us.  Right then, I heard a noise; he was looking out a side door and trying to get my attention.  We got out of line and followed him to an empty room.  He asked us to wait again, but I figured something good was going to happen.  In a few minutes, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Chip, Dale and their handlers all came in at once!  One cast member grabbed my camera and we got pictures and autographs from all the characters.  Brendan was excited and Eileen (my daughter) thought I must be very important.  At that point, Disney earned my business for life, because they treated my son as a valued guest and not a problem to be endured.  We bought into DVC later that year and have been going back to WDW almost annually since then.  My kids are grown up, but I’ll never forget how Disney went the extra mile to make my kids’ (and my) day.

Bruce: Every September for the past several years, I make my annual visit to Disney World.  One of my favorite activities to do is posting real time trip reports.  So when someone is reading I am on Its a small world, I am on Its a small world!  Lots of people seem to enjoy me doing this. I posted real time photos to Twitter for members to enjoy.  Last September, I even broadcasted live using Ustream parades and firework.  This September, I don’t know how I am going to top this.

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