Let loose on the Savanna

Okay we were not really let loose on the savanna but we felt like we got to explore all the little places you cannot see from the public viewing areas or your balcony if you are lucky, and you get up close and almost personal with many of the animals.  In addition prepare to learn from your animal keeper tour guide.   They have so much knowledge and know these animals intimately.   This safari can be booked by any guests staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge and includes dinner at Jiko.    Guests must be at least 8 years of age, and the cost is $170 per person.   Since this is a photo blog,  I am going to quit talking and start showing you some incredible pictures!

Some of the animals living on the Pembe Savanna


Okapi, while you may think Zebra, they are closer related to Giraffes

Okapi, my new savanna love

Red River Hog

Sunset Savanna

Arusha Savanna

Anikole Cattle

“Bubba”, he has had an ear infection and holds his head at an angle

Abyssinian Ground Hornbil

South African Crowned Crane, my other savanna love

Griffon vulture


Greater Kudu

Impala and Nayala

Waterbuck (I am 99% sure)

and who knew ostriches were so curious?





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