LOWD 2009 Finale

After sitting up all Sunday night talking, the ladies and I woke up on our final morning. It just so happens we woke up at a decent hour.  Showers were taken and breakfast was being made.  Even though a private chef is one of the LOWD Ladies, she had taken the weekend off.  So another member was nominated as breakfast cook.

All our meals to be eaten in-room were all planned ahead of time; who would bring what, who would cook what and so on.  We made sure everything was very organized before the trip so we didn’t spend a whole afternoon trying to figure things out.  We had two big meetings during the year.  Our April planning meeting and our August party meeting.  Jennifer aka The Ambassador was chosen for breakfast duty.

A lovely French toast breakfast was served.  We had fresh coffee, fruit, bagels and bacon.  Staying in the two bedroom villa in Animal Kingdom’s Kidani Village makes it so easy to make breakfast for a group.

After eating we all began to pack.  Having spent four days in the room there was quite a bit to pack up.  Our first night in Disney we had our ‘Welcome’ Cocktail party, we had a first aid station set up in the third bathroom, there was a complete cocktail bar set up on the TV wall unit, a fully stocked kitchen, plus all of our personal belongings.   Seeing six of us are Mothers, packing moved along like a well oiled machine.  We were ready to check out by 11am, perfect timing!

It was arranged before we arrived to tour a different resort and have lunch.  Possibly at the resort we will stay in next year.  Not knowing our plans for the following year it was decided that Wilderness Lodge would be the ideal spot to tour and Whispering Canyon Cafe our destination for lunch.

We checked out of Kidani Village, packed up our cars and drove over to the Wilderness Lodge.

Now for some of the women this was their first time seeing the resort, so the ‘owwing and awwing’ went on for some time.  We spent about an hour just wandering the grounds out front.  It was a beautiful Fall morning in Orlando and the Lodge was  looking pristine.   Anyone who has been to Wilderness Lodge knows when entering the lobby, that is another whole experience in itself.  So of course we spent another fourty-five minutes exploring the lobby.  One of my favorite spots in the lobby is the inclined hallway off to the back left that leads to the Roaring Fork Cafe and the doors that lead to the pool.  I gave the Ladies the full tour of the pool area, all the way over to the Villas.

There was one surprise I have yet to mention.  Out of the six women who went on the trip I was the only one who wore a lanyard, collected and traded Disney pins.  The other ladies watched me throughout the trip, trading with cast members and buying/admiring pins.  By the time we had lunch at the Whispering Canyon Cafe that last afternoon, all five other women had purchased lanyards, pins to trade and made their first cast member trade.  I even traded a few times with them myself!  It is a fairly inexpensive hobby to start and there are so many pins that you personally fall in love with.  Trading with the cast members is a lot of fun also.

Lunch at WCC was delicious.  Salads were had by all.  After such an over indulging weekend we thought we would all be ‘good’ and have salads.

After lunch all six of us gathered in the parking lots by our vehicles.  Hugs and tears were shared.  Promises to stay in touch and meet back in Walt Disney World a year later were made.  Some of the members live near each other so there were carpools, Jennifer the Ambassador and I carpooled as a matter of fact.

I arrived home in need of another vacation.  My children and husband were so excited to see me.  I uploaded all my pictures and videos on the computer and went to bed.  Planning LOWD 2010 will begin in January.  So I get a whole two month break!!

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