A Princess in Preparation, Part 4

I am beyond excited to hear that Jeff Galloway is now Disney’s official training consultant for all of their marathons.  I had never heard of him before yesterday, but Jeff is my new hero!  His various training plans are realistic and manageable for a busy first time runner like me.  For beginner runners he breaks down the training into 16 weeks prior to the date of the half marathon.  The part that I like the most is that I only have to run twice during the week and walk once for a doable 30 minutes.  The kicker is the weekend run which will occupy most of the morning once I get into the longer runs, but again, it is only one morning a week, so I know I can handle that.  I have not started Jeff’s training plan yet, I plan to get started in mid October when it cools off a bit here.  I live in Houston and the humidity in the summer is a killer.  Plus, if I wait until October to get started on his weekly plan that should lead me right up to the actual ½ marathon weekend and that is ideal.  So until then I will continue hitting the treadmill at the gym three times a week.  Lucky for me I have the image of Cinderella’s castle on the horizon to keep me motivated.  Have I mentioned that I have an excellent imagination?

On the reservation front I have booked two rooms at the All Star Movies resort with the Dining Plan and a two day park ticket for five people.  The girl’s weekend is coming along quite nicely.  Four of us have purchased plane tickets and we have all officially registered for the race.  No turning back now!  As the 180 day mark neared, I dutifully went over the extensive selection of menus at the various Disney restaurants and carefully selected the locations that I thought would be best for all of us.  Sadly, there will be no character meals this trip.  There are a few places that I have always wanted to try, but when the kids are along I always give in and book the places that they will enjoy.  So this trip I will be trying out LeCellier (right before it goes to a two credit meal at dinner!), Kona Café and dinner at ‘Ohana, which has always been bumped in favor of another location.  We will also be eating at Whispering Canyon Café which is a tried and true favorite of mine.  I had to pick one favorite!

As the race date looms closer and the details are set in place, I am getting a bit nervous.  I have never been a runner before.  Hopefully Jeff’s plan will give me the confidence to train well and finish strong!  I will let you know how his plan goes once I get started.

Bridget (who is learning to be a runner)

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