Disney, Me and My Scooter

Having never been to WDW before, I was quite nervous about the entire trip.   There were so many fears – how would the airlines deal with my ECV – my scooter, how would Disney handle my scooter, and, most of all, how would I do with my scooter.  My daughter, a self-made Disney expert, assured me it would be fine.  So I trusted her.

Arriving at the airport in Pittsburgh, I continued to worry.  As we started through security, I was called aside.  I was taken into a little room, where the guard removed my shoes and used a wand to go under my scooter and over my clothes.  She checked my bags, and then told me I could proceed.  There were no problems and I wasn’t even asked to leave the scooter.  So far, so good.  At the gate, the agent told me I would be in the first boarding group, and could take the scooter to the door at the end of the jet way.  She tagged it for baggage, and I was all set.  When we were called for boarding, I rode down the jet way, and got off the scooter, where two of the baggage handlers took it to put it into the baggage compartment.  And I was off.

Arrival in Orlando posed no problems until we got ready to board the Magical Express.  I’m a Pooh-shaped person complete with short legs.  I was unsure of how I would make it up onto the first step of the bus.  My husband had made a box shaped stool that fit right inside the back basket of my scooter, and using it, I was on the first step.  Once I was on board, Hubby helped the driver stow my scooter into the baggage hold.  No need to worry again.  I disembarked the bus in the same manner when we arrived at our resort.  Everyone there was very accommodating, and made my stay problem free.

The shuttle buses were a bit of a challenge, but whenever I became frustrated with trying to “park” my scooter in the proper way on the bus, my husband and the driver took care of it.  I had only one driver give me a hard time, and there was a cast member there who assured me it would be taken care of.  Meeting the characters and obtaining autographs were no problem.  Here I am with my good friend Goofy as he signs my quilt block.

We were at WDW during a “monsoon” in December and keeping the scooter dry was a challenge.  I used a plastic grocery bag to cover the controls and then could stick my hands in through the handles of the bag to operate the scooter.  My poncho was big enough to cover me, the back of the seat, and even my rear basket.  It also stretched to cover most of the front basket.  The biggest problem I encountered with the rain was that some of the restaurants in Epcot had no place to park the scooter inside to keep it dry.

All in all, I found Disney to be one of the most handicap-friendly places that I’ve ever been to.  So easy to navigate, that I’m really excited about our upcoming trip in September.  I’ve purchased a sun shade for the scooter, a misting fan for me, and I’ve made some neck coolers.  So we’ll see how the scooter and I do in the heat of late summer.


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