Carnival Glory, a photo tour

Over the past year I have had the opportunity to tour several other cruise lines, and while Disney will always hold my heart, there are some things on these other ships that appeal to me!    Below are some of the pictures I took when I toured the Glory in September 2009.    Carnival ships are sometimes described as “gaudy” and it is hard to argue, but in some circumstances they have really used color to compliment things, especially since you are on the fun ships!   I hope this will give you a little taste for what the Carnival ships are like, and perhaps if you are looking for a less expensive getaway, you might just want to give Carnival a try.    (Did I mention the food on Carnival was really good?   At least what I had for my on board lunch)

Category 9A is not alot different than an 8A except the few on the aft of the ship that have the wrap around balconies, these are the secret gem’s and book up fast!

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