North to Alaska-Skagway

June 28—Today is Skagway.  We got up and had breakfast, then headed off the ship as we had rented a car for the day to drive up to the Yukon Territory in Canada with the aid of Murray’s Guide so we knew what we were seeing.  We took the town shuttle to the car rental office (we rented from Sourdough Car Rental as it was less than Avis, and those are the only choices in town).  Skagway is only 4 blocks wide and 7 blocks long, so not much to it, but it’s a really cute town with wooden sidewalks.  We got the car, went to the bakery to get sandwiches to take with us, and were off.  We drove about 70 miles, I think, from Skagway, although it took us a few hours since we stopped often for photos of the scenery and the many waterfalls along the way.  At the end of our journey we were at our goal of Emerald Lake, aptly named for it’s emerald color. We took a few minutes to eat our sandwiches and enjoy the view.  It was well worth the drive as it was just beautiful!  We turned around there and headed back, stopping at Cinnamon Cache for a bowl of soup and cinnamon roll (strawberry and rhubarb, which was very good!).  This was a very small little place that just had soup, sandwiches and cinnamon rolls.  Sadly, she is closing for good June 30, which is going to make the food choices in that part very limited.  After that we stopped in Carcross and explored the town and general store, then drove back to Skagway.  Once in town we then went to an area that used to be a town named Dyea.  There’s a cemetery there called Slide Cemetery,  where the majority of people died April 3, 1898 in a snow slide.  Very odd to see most of the dates in there be the same.

We gassed up the car at the only gas station in town ($3.89/gallon, which as cheaper than I figured it would be) and returned the car, then took the town shuttle back to the dock.  We got on the ship not long before it left.  There was a seal playing in the water beside the ship, which was something we don’t usually see!  We went to the Love & Marriage show, then to dinner.  Oddly, tonight there wasn’t any other show in the theater other than this and a late-night adult comedian.

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