North to Alaska-Icy Strait Point

June 29—Today is the little community of Icy Strait Point, which is right beside Hoonah.   This is a very quiet, relaxing stop.  There’s a cannery that now houses a bunch of little shops, a crab shack on the dock (a very small bowl of crab bisque was $12 and 1 king crab leg was $15) as well as the largest zipline.  We walked out on the rocky beach and saw more starfish than we could count.  I’ve never been anywhere that I’ve seen so many of them!  The tide was out and the shore was just alive with things from the sea.  We also saw a couple of whales in this area.

We came back to the ship for lunch at the Seaview Café, then DD and I went to a scrapbooking class.  After that I went to make jewelry while DD and DH went to some music trivia games.  I then worked for awhile before the show.  The gal doing the jewelry making class had said she was going to do a pre-show and needed back-up dancers so wanted to be sure some people were there to do that.  I told DD so she thought that would be fun.  She did get to be a back up dancer for “Trina Turner—Tina’s sister” and danced and sang to Proud Mary.  The show then was comedians/musicians John Joseph and Johnny B.  They were hysterical!  We really enjoyed the show.  Since they’d asked us a few questions, one being where we lived, the audience had heard that and after the show some people came up to us that live just 30 miles from us!  Small world!

After the show we went to dinner, then to bed.

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