Costa Rica-Path to Pura Vida, sad good-byes

April 2–Sadly, it was our last morning.  We had breakfast then got on the bus to go to the airport where we again took the Twin Otter’s to the San Jose airport.   It was sad to say goodbye to our wonderful bus driver.  He had made the trip so enjoyable for us.  Once back at San Jose we got our luggage and headed in to check in for our flights home.  The San Jose airport is quite nice with several shops and a nice food court.  We did keep seeing some of the group around the airport so we just prolonged that final goodbye a little longer.  Security here was more than we see in the US.  We had the normal security when we first entered the airport but then as we were getting on the plane we once again had to go through a bag-check which was just people standing at a table, but they really went through the bags, pulling about everything out of each one.  You also couldn’t take liquid on the plane with you, even when purchased after the first security point.

We had a nice flight back on JetBlue and are still enjoying our wonderful memories of a great week on the Path to Pura Vida.  It truly is “the pure life” in that wonderful country and I hope to go back sometime in the future.   I would gladly take this same Adventure by Disney trip again!  I left with not only great memories of a wonderful country and the people that live there but also my new friends that were made on the trip.  May our paths cross again.


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