WDW – Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas Day 1

The cast for most of the trip is myself & DH, my cousin & his wife from Pittsburgh, and another couple from Memphis.  This cruise was to replace our cruise last February out of New Orleans that didn’t leave port for 5 days due to a ship wreck at the mouth of the Mississippi.  We didn’t want to chance another fluke mishap this trip, so we rescheduled for a much larger ship, the Mariner of the Seas (Royal Caribbean) that sailed out of Port Canaveral.  This is the 2nd largest ship in the world right now, and we were all looking forward to seeing her.

Our flight was early Saturday, so I ended up working all night and flying without any sleep at all.  DH was afraid that I may fall asleep on my feet, but I was just fine all day.  Our plane arrived at the same time as my cousins, so we all met up at the airport.  I left DH at baggage claim while I went to get the car.  I rented a car from Budget, which I hadn’t done in a very long time.  Of course, they had the very longest line!   I looked around for a separate line for the Fastbreak clients, but didn’t see anything.  I ended up in line for about an hour, only to get to the counter to find out I had to go out to the garage to check in.  Grrr!  I asked why they didn’t have a sign prominently displayed showing the Fastbreak clients to go out to the garage rather than waiting in line and they said the airport wouldn’t let them.  Well, they could have atleast had something on their website.  Oh well, we’re off.

We headed first for our house to unload the car, then off to the Food & Wine Festival at Epcot.  It was packed!  My cousin hadn’t been there in years, and his wife never had, so we wanted to give them a feel for Disney World.  We started off with Spaceship Earth and tried for Test Track, but the waits were all over an hour (including single riders).  Mission Space didn’t have a long wait, so the guys rode that while we women sat waiting.  then just wandered around the World, eating (to set the tone for this trip).  We watched Chubby Checkers do the twist as we made our way around the World.  I wanted to get a crab cake from the American stand, but the line was way too long.  I’ll fix them at home instead.  We went back by Test Track and the wait was only 20 minutes for the single riders, so we waited for that.  My cousins are retired from Chrysler, so they really enjoyed the whole experience.  Actually, as soon as we got off, my cousin wanted to do it again so back we went.  This time we pretty much just walked straight through.  We watched Illuminations, then headed for the house.  I didn’t last long at this point and we all got a good night’s rest.

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